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5G starting at $15/mo

Xfinity Mobile offers the lowest entry cost for 5G data. All plans can enjoy a reliable 5G nationwide network at no additional cost, plus with free WiFi hotspots.

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Comparison based upon account with 1 line only compared to available 5G pricing plans of major carriers. Xfinity Internet required.

Mix & Match Data Options

Xfinity Mobile gives you the ability to get just what you need. Pay By the Gig or select the Unlimited data plan and save up to $300 a year on wireless.

By the gig:

Starting at $15/GB per month


Starting at $45/Line per month

*Xfinity Mobile is available to Xfinity Internet customers. Reduced speeds after 20 GB of usage per line. Your data may be temporarily slower than other traffic in times of congestion. Actual savings vary and are not guaranteed.

By the Gig

Shared data

  • 1GB $15/month
  • 3GB $30/month
  • 10GB $60/month


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Per Line Data

  • 1 line $45/month
  • 2 lines $80/month
  • 3+ lines an additional $20/month each
Multi-line pricing applies to phone lines only. Tablet lines cost $45 per unlimited line.
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Bring Your Own Device

Transfer your phone to Xfinity Mobile without any activation or phone line access fees.

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Xfinity Frequently Asked Questions
Xfinity Mobile offers mobile data plans starting at only $15/month for 1GB.
Am I eligible for Xfinity Mobile?

Xfinity Mobile is available only to Xfinity Internet customers. 

Can I transfer my phone number?

Yes, you can easily transfer your current phone number to Xfinity Mobile from any U.S. wireless provider.

Can I bring my own phone when I switch Xfinity Mobile?

Yes, however Xfinity Mobile only supports compatible devices from other carriers. Contact Xfinity Mobile to see if your device is eligible for service.

What devices does Xfinity Mobile offer?

If you choose to get a new device, Xfinity Mobile offers the latest phones from LG, Samsung, and Apple.

Do I need to enter into a term agreement to receive Xfinity Mobile services?

No, you do not need to sign an agreement when you switch to Xfinity Mobile. You have the flexibility to cancel service at any time without any additional termination fees. 

Will Xfinity Mobile pay the Early Termination Fee from my old carrier?

No, Xfinity Mobile does not cover any costs or fees associated with terminating your current contract.


Can I bundle Xfinity Mobile with my other Xfinity services?

No, Xfinity Mobile does not offer mobile service as part of its bundled offerings. 

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