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*5G capable device required; 5G coverage not available in some areas.
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Optimum Mobile Frequently Asked Questions
What do I need to know before switching to Optimum Mobile?

Do not cancel your current service plan with your mobile provider before signing up with Optimum Mobile. You must have an active phone number to be able to transfer it.

How do I transfer my phone number?

To transfer your current phone number to Optimum Mobile, you must have both your account number and access PIN associated with your current provider. Optimum will contact your current provider to transfer your number. 

How do I transfer my current device?

To transfer your current phone to Optimum Mobile, you must have its ESN/IMEI number.

How do I cancel with my current provider?

Your current service should automatically cancel once your Optimum Mobile account is activated. Optimum recommends confirming with your old provider that your number has been successfully transferred. 

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