Is Philo TV Right for You?

Philo launched in the US in November 2017. Philo aims to appeal to entertainment-seekers who put an affordable price at the top of their priority list, offering an array of live and on-demand programming to suit a variety of tastes. 
If you want an extensive channel lineup, or specific channels that aren’t included in their standard package, Philo may not the best fit for you. Their available add-ons are a bit more limited than most, currently only including 2 supplemental options – Epix and Starz. 
Philo also keeps costs low by forgoing pricier channel inclusion. As FastCompany notes, by not offering Disney, NBCUniversal, or Fox-owned channels, “it doesn’t have to carry the local broadcast channels or sports networks that drive up the cost of cable and satellite TV service.” While that results in a lighter hit to your wallet, it also means Philo doesn’t meet the needs of sports fans, or those for whom local channels are a must.

Philo TV Review

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Low Price, Limited Content Selection

Philo TV offers one of the best channel selections at it’s price point with a great selection of cooking, lifestyle, and entertainment channels. However, Philo TV lacks options for news, local content, and sports that other streaming services offer.*

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What are people saying about Philo TV?

"Some professional reviewers are critical of Philo’s limited selection, particularly its meager options for news and total lack of sports and local content. However, most agree that it’s still a good value for money, especially since it allows up to three simultaneous streams." - Erin Evans, U.S. News

"As with other live TV services, you get to watch much more than just live feeds of the included channels. If a show or movie runs on a channel, you can likely watch it on-demand." - Ben Moore, PCMag

"Philo TV caters to the cord-cutter crowd who like cable television channels like VH1, BBC America, and AMC, but don’t want to pay for subscriber fees anymore. No Disney+ streaming here, or HBO Max, or Netflix. It’s just the ultra-basics." - John Brandon,

"It offers the most channels at its price, even if some bigger names are missing from its channel lineup. The interface is well-designed, with only a few things we'd tweak to make it perfect." - Kelly Woo, Tom's Guide

"For well-rounded people who like to watch cooking, home improvement, traveling, cute puppies, and unsolved murders, Philo has Food Network, HGTV, Travel Channel, Animal Planet, and Investigation Discovery to keep you occupied." - Bill Frost, Cable TV

*Disclaimer:  Streaming service ratings are calculated as an average from authoritative sources around the web.  The views and options expressed do not necessarily reflect the official views of SmartMove.

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What do you get with Philo TV?

In a space that can get easily complicated, with an extensive array of packages and add-ons to choose from, Philo keeps things as simple as possible. Offering a single 61-channel plan at a set price – with just 2 available add-on packages – Philo can be thought of as the streaming version of “take it, or leave it!” This budget-friendly model helped them grow their subscriber count 300% year over year, currently boasting 750,000 subscribers.    
Philo also plans to “layer a social platform onto the Philo service” in the near future. This will enable users to see which shows their friends are watching, and even join in the viewing experience to watch shows together if they choose to.

Does Philo TV have add-ons?

For those who want to have more than just the basics, Philo also offers EPIX and STARZ as add-ons. Adding on these networks will cost up to $15 a month, but for that price you'll be able to enjoy complete libraries of movies and shows from both channels. Check out these Philo add-ons below that can help expand your viewing options!
  • EPIX – For $6 a month you can have full access to the EPIX library, EPIX Hits, and EPIX2 channels.
  • STARZ – For $9 a month you can access the on-demand library of STARZ, STARZ Encore, and STARZ Kids & Family.

How much does Philo TV cost?

Philo TV costs just $20 per month, which gets you 61 popular channels, including A&E, Discovery, HGTV, TLC, Food Network, and more. For an additional $6 each per month, you can add 3 Epix channels – Epix, Epix 2, and Epix Hits. You can also add a Starz package, including Starz, Starz Encore, and Starz Kids & Family, at $9 additional monthly cost. If you wanted to go “all-in” and subscribe to the standard package and both add-ons, your monthly cost would come in at $35.

How does Philo TV compare?

See how Philo TV compares to the top streaming services with SmartMove's Streaming Service Comparison Table here!

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Philo TV Frequently Asked Questions
Can I watch Philo on my Smart TV?

Yes; your Philo subscription can be accessed on a number of Internet-enabled devices, including Smart TVs, mobile phones, through streaming devices like Apple TV and Roku, and your computer. 

How many devices can I watch Philo on simultaneously?

Philo allows you to access programming on up to 3 devices at the same time. Additionally, they allow for the creation of personalized profiles for up to 10 users on each account.

How long is the Philo TV free trial?

Philo offers viewers a 7-day free trial, which begins almost instantly once they provide their phone number.

Does Philo TV require a contract?

No; Philo is offered as a month-to-month plan with no contract.

Does Philo TV have local channels?

No, Philo does not offer local channels.

Does Philo TV have an app?

Yes, Philo has an app, which is available through Google Play and the App Store.

Can you record on Philo TV?

Yes, you can record with Philo TV through its DVR function.

Does Philo TV have commercials?

Yes, Philo draws from several leading networks that include ads in their content; however, you can skip ads on DVR'd content.

Can I get Philo on my Samsung Smart TV?

No, but you can stream on a TV with AndroidTV and Android phone/tablets.

Does Philo have TV One?

Yes, Philo partnered with TV One in July of 2020.

Is Philo on-demand or live?

Philo TV has both live and on-demand content

Can I record shows on Philo?

You can record as much content as you want but recordings expire after 30 days

Is The Walking Dead on Philo?

The Walking Dead is indeed on Philo TV