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How to Make the Move to Streaming with Mediacom

Among the largest cable television providers in the US, Mediacom is available across 22 states, with the most expansive coverage in Iowa and Illinois. Their service options include cable TV, Internet, and phone, with standalone packages and bundles to consider. Thinking it might be time to consider shifting to streaming only, or perhaps you are leaning toward keeping cable but want to be sure you’ve looked at it from all angles? Below we’ve put together a highlights guide to help in making the best decision for your home and entertainment needs!

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Pros of Staying Plugged In with Mediacom

While streaming has its own share of advantages, there are some perks to staying plugged in that many consider among the most important factors to consider, including…

May Require a Smaller Internet Plan

Simply put, the fewer Internet-dependent devices and activities your home is running at any given time, the less overall speed you’ll need. Streaming movies and television shows can eat up quite a bit of bandwidth, particularly for high-resolution programming. By accessing those must-see films and shows through your cable provider, you reduce your Internet demands, which can translate into a smaller, lower-priced plan meeting your needs.   


Live Local News & Sports

Some streaming services are working hard to catch up to cable when it comes to availability of local channels, while others intentionally veer their packaging options away from these channels due to the complexity and cost associated with offering them. With cable, easy access to live local sports and news is always just a click away.

Steady Connection

From high Internet demands in your area at peak times, to hardware limitations or concerns, there are myriad reasons you might experience dreaded lag when streaming TV and movies. And while cable isn’t perfect, it does offer a typically more stable viewing experience that isn’t affected by as many external factors.   

Mediacom Internet Packages

Mediacom offers an extensive selection of Internet plans to meet the needs of families of all sizes, starting at up to 60 Mbps, and extending to up to 1,000 Mbps (1 Gig). It is important to note that while the data allowances do increase for larger plans, and many homes will never come close to hitting them, all of Mediacom’s current Internet plans do include a cap.

Internet 60 – 60 Mbps

Cost: $39.99/mo for First Year
Data Allowance: 400 GB
Excess Usage: $10 for every 50 GB
This light Internet plan is ideal for 1-2 person households with average Internet needs. It is recommended for homes where you’ll be using up to 4 simultaneous devices, which might include streaming a movie, browsing the Internet on each of your phones, and downloading a program update on your laptop. Unless you engage in high-bandwidth activities like online gaming or streaming high resolution videos on more than one device at a time, this entry level plan may suit your needs perfectly at a budget-friendly price.

Internet 200 – 200 Mbps

Cost: $59.99/mo for First Year
Data Allowance: 2,000 GB
Excess Usage: $10 for every 50 GB
While 200 Mbps speeds were once thought of as very fast Internet, as our usage of Internet-enabled devices increases, and the bandwidth commands of each increases right along with it, many homeowners prefer to add a bit of “extra” room in their plan, and consider a 200 or 300 Mbps a good sweet spot. Mediacom’s Internet 200 speeds will support up to 12 simultaneous devices at a time, making this a top consideration for 2-4 person households.

1 Gig – 1,000 Mbps

Cost: $79.99/mo for First Year
Data Allowance: 6,000 GB
Excess Usage: $10 for every 50 GB
Capable of supporting 20+ devices at once, a 1 Gig Internet plan is a top choice of hyper-connected households that never want to worry about hiccups or lag. While this is more Internet than most families will require, it is worth considering if you and several other members of your household are engaging in remote work or schooling at the same time.

Mediacom Cable and Internet Bundles

Staying plugged in for entertainment, but still need a reliable Internet plan? Mediacom’s bundles have you covered! Several bundle options also include phone if you’re interested in all 3 services. Let’s take a look at 2 popular package options…
Internet 60 + Essential TV
Cost: $79.99/month for 1 Year
Additional Fees:Activation Fee & Monthly Local Broadcast Station Surcharge
Internet Speeds: Up to 60 Mbps 
Notable Features: Voice Remote, TiVo Intelligent Guide
Internet 100 + Variety TV + Phone
Cost: $109.99/month for 1 Year
Additional Fees:Activation Fee, Monthly Local Broadcast Station Surcharge, Monthly Regional Sports Surcharge
Internet Speeds: Up to 100 Mbps 
Notable Features: Voice Remote, TiVo Intelligent Guide, World Talk 30

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