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In today’s age of seemingly endless television streaming options, the question of whether or not to cut the cord completely is at the top of many people’s minds. Even those who subscribe to traditional cable for the bulk of their television watching needs may already have a subscription to one or more streaming services, with options like Netflix boasting well over 100 million subscribers.
As entertainment streaming options continue to improve and grow, cable bundles are improving and growing right along with them. While these competitively priced packages might not get as much press as newcomers to the home entertainment space, we urge you to spend some time checking out all the options available before you fully cut the cord.
Traditional cable and streaming services have their own sets of pros and cons, and considering them all in making an informed decision can go a long way toward ensuring you’ve covered all your bases, and will be confident in whichever option you move forward with! Let’s take a closer look at a few things to consider…
Cable Bundles Offer Streamlined Billing
  • Simply put, modern life comes with a lot of bills! And while the most unpleasant aspect of paying all those bills will always be watching the money fly away from our bank accounts, simply keeping everything straight and organized – and being mindful of all those due dates – can be a stressor all its own.
  • Among the many advantages cable bundles bring is the simplicity of billing. With everything conveniently wrapped up in one total, we can quickly pay for several services at once, and not have to worry over missing one and dealing with an accidental late payment and subsequent fee. We can also easily review exactly what we’re paying, and for which service, with a singular point of contact should we have any questions or concerns to address.
Cutting the Cord – The Need for High Speed
  • One of the most important things to consider when cutting the cord is the increased need for internet speed. Streaming can eat up quite a bit of internet bandwidth, and using an increased number of streaming services requires more robust internet packages to keep up competing demands.
  • While there are standalone deals for high speed internet services, some of the most competitive prices available can be found in cable and internet packages. Bundling these services might save you more than you’d imagine, with many cable providers also offering additional bundle-ready services like phone, home security, and smart home solutions to consider.
  • Whether you choose to opt for a cable and internet bundle, or move forward with cutting the cord, be mindful that even in areas with strong internet connections, you will still be subject to increased demand from the homes around you as well.
  • Demand-based slower speeds aren’t likely to cause any connection hiccups if you watch television outside of peak hours, but when many homes in a particular area are all tuned in at once, internet connections can struggle to deliver seamless television performance.
  • Even with a top-of-the-line internet package, there are likely to be times when the overall demand in your area compromises your internet speed. While these instances might be few and far between, they tend to occur during the “most important” times, given the nature of the reason they happen to begin with!
  • Cable television isn’t subject to these concerns given the different connection type – increased demand is of no consequence to cable! However, those who stream television may miss out on a quality viewing experiences of widely popular events, including major sporting events, and political debates and addresses.   
Cable Bundles with Premium Channels
  • While premium channels like HBO, Cinemax, Starz, and Showtime used to be something many of us only got a chance to check out when visiting friends, bundles inclusive of these channels make them an affordable cable option for many!
  • Browse cable bundles from popular providers in your area to see which of these channels, and more, are available from each. Whether you have your eye on one in particular, or would like to sample them all to see if a favorite emerges, affordable cable bundles packed with premium options are more abundant than you might think – particularly if you haven’t researched them in a while!
On Demand Cable Programming
  • Whereas “on demand” programming was once only a dream with cable television, modern advances have made the cable experience much more similar to streaming services in recent years when it comes to watching what you want, when you want to.
  • Gone are the days of missing out on fun with friends because “my show is on tonight” – your show can be on tomorrow night, too!
  • While every single program aired on cable might not be available in the “on demand” library, cable providers tend to offer the most popular programs for easy viewing that fits your schedule. Can’t catch up on your favorite Thursday night show until Saturday mornings? With “on demand” cable, that might not be a problem at all!
This Isn’t Your Grandmother’s Cable TV
Time and again, we’ve heard similar stories from those who were about to jump the cable ship. Once they were just a few minutes into researching affordable cable options near them, they found that cable actually offered everything they were looking for and more! Let’s run a quick recap of why that might be…
  • Cable and internet bundles can be an especially attractive and cost-effective option for those who already have the need for high speed internet services outside of additional television watching demands.
  • The competitive pricing bundles bring might have you paying just a bit more than you would have for internet alone, and getting dozens or even hundreds of channels, as well.
  • If you factor in additional bundle-able services like voice, home security, and smart home services, the savings can increase exponentially.
In short, consider all your options! While many of us are aware of the myriad cord-cutting options available, it’s important to consider that cable companies haven’t been resting on their laurels. Cable providers have been enjoying technological advances all their own, and upgrading their available options in line with those advances, particularly in regard to bundles.

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