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Spectrum Bundles: The Best Packages for Internet, TV, and Phone

People of all lifestyles across the country use their Internet, phone and TV services to stay connected to loved ones, watch their favorite shows and movies, go to school and earn a living.

Not too long ago, it was common for Internet, phone and TV users to pay a separate subscription fee for each service, often to several different companies.

Today, major telecom service providers, like Spectrum, make it easy to consolidate your TV, phone and Internet plans into one central package. That way, you can pay for all your services with a single monthly bill, saving yourself a great deal of hassle in the process and often saving money as well.

Interested in learning more about Spectrum TV, Internet and phone packages but not sure where to start? Let’s dive into what you can expect with different Spectrum bundles and why bundling your TV, Internet and phone with Spectrum might be the best choice for you and your family.

What is Included in Spectrum Bundle Plans?

Not every Spectrum user’s media needs will be the same. That’s why Spectrum bundles do more than just provide excellent phone, Internet and TV service.

With a Spectrum package, you can scale your service in each category to serve your needs, whether that means more cable TV channels, faster WiFi download speeds or multiple phone lines so each member of your family can stay connected.

Additionally, there’s a Spectrum bundle for every possible configuration of services. This means you don’t need to sign up for TV, phone and Internet service all at once in order to qualify for Spectrum’s low rates and bundle benefits.

Even better, Spectrum bundles come with a 30-day money-back guarantee, no contract to sign and some of the best deals for new customers in the TV, phone and Internet industries.

Picking the Right Package for Your Needs

Before you choose a Spectrum bundle, it’s important to determine what your needs are. That way, you can avoid accidentally overpaying for services you won’t use.

Let’s dive into some of Spectrum’s premier service packages that also tend to be the most popular.

Spectrum Triple Play

What is Spectrum Triple Play? Spectrum Triple Play is a package that comes in three tiers: Triple Play Select, Triple Play Silver and Triple Play Gold. Basically, each package lets you bundle TV, Internet and home phone services with competitively fast wireless speeds. Each Triple Play tier also comes with a free modem, antivirus software and unlimited calls throughout the country, as well as Puerto Rico, Mexico and Canada. The difference between the tiers is primarily the number of TV channels and premier TV channels offered.

How much each tier costs depends on where you currently live or are moving to, but in general, Triple Play Select — the most basic Triple Play plan — comes with 125+ channels and starts around $70 – $100 per month. Triple Play Silver comes with 175+ channels and starts around $120 a month. Triple Play Gold comes with 200+ channels and starts around $130 a month.

If you’re looking to keep all of your home media and communication needs in one convenient place — and you want a robust cable TV package — a Spectrum Triple Play package is a great option.

Spectrum Double Play

What is Spectrum Double Play? Spectrum Double Play is for those customers who don’t need a home phone, because they rely on their mobile phones to stay connected. The Spectrum Double Play package, which also comes in three tiers: Select, Silver and Gold, only includes high-speed Internet and cable TV.

Spectrum Double Play Select is the basic package and includes 125+ TV channels. It starts around $45 when bundled. The Silver Tier includes 175+ channels and starts around $70. Double Play Gold includes 200+ channels and starts around $90. Again, prices and availability depend on where you live or are moving to.

Does Spectrum Internet Vary from Bundle to Bundle?

Spectrum offers the same high-speed connection to all users whether you sign up for Double Play, Triple Play, or a standalone Spectrum Internet subscription. This means every Spectrum customer gets the same fast browsing speeds, high Mbps download and upload speeds and excellent video streaming quality.

However, it’s important to note that Internet speeds can vary based on service location.

Moving Your Internet Connection to a New Home

Are you moving to a new neighborhood but want to maintain your Spectrum service? Just make sure to give your provider a call to find out whether Spectrum Internet connection is available in your new area. You can also find out whether you can maintain the same service bundle.

Whether you bring your old WiFi router to your new home or purchase a new one, self set-up is generally easy with the included instruction manual. However, in some cases, a Spectrum representative is needed to repair or replace faulty wiring that may prevent you from successfully connecting to WiFi in your new home.

Spectrum Standalone TV Plans

Only interested in Spectrum TV services? There are multiple options for you to choose from based on your preferences. Each Spectrum TV plan includes a 30-day free trial, 24/7 customer support and up to $500 in contract buyouts.

Spectrum TV customers can choose between the Select, Silver or Gold plans to get access to a range of 125 – 200+ prime cable channels and movies including HBO and On Demand titles.

Depending on your cable TV needs, you can get access to Spectrum TV for as low as $44.99 per month for 12 months.

Cable Options for Low-Income Families

Based on your family’s income, you might be able to qualify for Lifeline, a government assistance program that reduces cable TV costs by as much as $9.25 each month.

Plus, eligible users can access Spectrum’s Internet Assist option, which provides high-speed Internet access, a complimentary modem and no data caps for low-income customers.

Senior Discounts with Spectrum Bundles

Seniors enjoy notable discounts for a variety of services, and Spectrum believes that high-quality phone, TV and Internet service should be no exception.

Senior Spectrum users can call and speak to a representative to find out whether they qualify for one free month of cable TV for every 12-month subscription.

Many senior residents in the state of California also qualify for the Lifeline program, which provides reduced phone service rates to seniors. This program can be applied to a Spectrum bundle that includes home phone service.

Plus, seniors on government assistance can often gain access to the Spectrum Internet Assist program.

Can I Get Cable TV in Spanish?

Yes! All of Spectrum’s cable TV plans are offered in full for customers who want access to the best Spanish channels available, as well as additional services like On Demand titles, Internet and phone bundling, and uncapped data.

You can browse Spectrum’s Mi Plan Latino, Mi Plan Latino Silver and Mi Plan Latino Gold to find the perfect cable TV plan for your needs.

Phone Service with Spectrum

If all you need is a reliable home phone system with no hidden fees or taxes and unlimited calling nationwide, the basic Spectrum Voice plan is perfect for you. You can access high-quality home phone services with Spectrum for as little as $12.99 per month.

Already have your home phone covered and need mobile service on the go? Spectrum Mobile features some of the best deals in the mobile phone industry with rates as low as $29.99 per month per line on plans with two or more lines. Plus, you can choose to pay for unlimited mobile data or by-the-gig usage based on your needs.

Get the Best Bundle for Your Needs with SmartMove

With so many possibilities out there, it can be difficult to zero in on the perfect media bundle without paying for unnecessary bells and whistles.

We can help you find the perfect bundle for you and your family based on your needs, preferences, service area and budget. Enter your address in the link above today to find out more!

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