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Upsize Your Decor: How to Decorate After Moving to a Larger Space

Have you recently  moved into a larger home or apartment? While upgrading your living space is a reason to celebrate, you’ll also need to upsize your decor. Check out these tips on how to decorate a larger space.

Moving to a larger home or apartment is a reason to celebrate, but is there a downside? Upsizing your living space is an exciting move, but it’s important to remember that your old home decor may need an upgrade as well. 

The goal when decorating a larger space is to embrace the space while infusing cozy and inviting home decor for added warmth. If you’ve moved from a significantly smaller home, your old home decor may make your new space look bare and uninviting. 

However, a few strategic modifications and additions to your decor arsenal and your new space can transform into the place to be among your friends and family! Check out these decorating ideas for a large living space.

1. High Ceilings = Tall Decor 

Decorating ideas for a large space with tall plants

When it comes to a space with high ceilings, go for decor that commands attention. While high ceilings are a coveted interior feature for any homeowner or renter, it can also make a space feel empty if not properly decorated. Opt for tall plants or standing lamps that match the regal aesthetic a high ceiling offers. 

Also, a high ceiling can be complemented by a long, standing mirror leaned against the wall or perhaps a large piece of art. Make sure that you’re balancing out the wall between the floor and the ceiling in order to maximize the vertical space in your room.

2. Break up the Room with Color

Sectioning a large space using pops of colorSince a unified color palette offers the illusion of space, a monochromatic color scheme in a small space makes sense. However, decorating in just one color or different shades of the same color can make a large space look plain and empty. 

We recommend incorporating pops of color throughout a large room wherever you wish to break up the space. You can effectively do this via a brightly colored couch, cushions or a rug. Subtle sectioning of the room promotes a spacious feel without looking bare.

3. Layering isn’t Just for Clothing

Rugs, cushions and curtains to add warmth to a large space.If you’ve ever counted the days until Autumn just so you can start layering  your clothes, home decor works the same way. If you’re looking to achieve a warm and cozy feel despite having a large space, layering home decor items such as cushions, throws and plush rugs is the perfect way!

Additionally, textured items such as brocade curtains and decorative baskets and ornaments can also help to achieve a softer look. The goal is to add personality and warmth, not clutter.

If you’ve recently upgraded to a larger home or apartment, congratulations! Making these small yet effective changes will ensure that your new upsized space is a smashing success!

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