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No-Transport Zone: 3 Types of Restricted Items Your Movers Will Not Move

Packing for a move? Before you pack hundreds of boxes for your moving company to transport, save yourself lots of time and hassle by learning what movers will not move.

If you have a big move coming up, you’ve probably hired a moving company to save the day - not so fast. Before you pack your entire life into hundreds of boxes for your moving company to transport, it’s important to know that there are certain items your movers will not move.

In order to save time and hassle, it’s best to know these items beforehand so that you can make other arrangements. Before you launch into your packing marathon, check out these 3 types of items that are moving no’s for most moving companies.

1. Perishable Food 

Movers will not move perishable foodsWhile most moving companies will have no restrictions on moving non-perishable food items that are boxed, canned or bottled up, most companies will say no to moving perishable foods. Foods like fruit, bread, meat and vegetables can easily spill, spoil or mold during the moving process which is why most moving companies will not move them to your new home. 

In any case, moving perishable food should be avoided. Instead of taking up precious moving truck space on these items, try to use them up or hire a moving company that will take your items to a food bank for free such as

2. Hazardous & Highly Flammable Items

Flammable items that movers will not moveWhile not packing hazardous or flammable items may seem obvious, many moving company customers frequently make this mistake. Almost all moving companies will not transport highly flammable and overall dangerous items such as paint thinners, fireworks, matches, lighter fluid and propane cylinders for obvious reasons. 

Such items can easily cause a fire or serious damage to the moving truck while in route so if you absolutely need to transport such items, do it safely in your own vehicle. 

3. Pets

Moving with pets
For obvious reasons, your movers will not move your pets whether it's a gold fish or a full-grown dog. There are huge liability issues with moving live animals so it's understandable why moving companies avoid this at all costs. Also, you wouldn't want to put your precious pet into a dark moving truck anyway. When it comes to your furry best friends, DIY is the only way to go. 

Approaching the hectic process of moving armed with a wealth of information is a sure-fire way to make it a successful one. Knowing which items you will need to move yourself beforehand will make things significantly easier on you, and your moving company.

If you thought the moving process ends after moving day, you'll find this useful. SmartMove’s comprehensive, week-by-week breakdown of the most vital post-moving tasks will ensure that you won’t miss a thing during the first month after a big move.

The First Month: Move-in Checklist
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