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Moving Tunes: 5 Catchy Songs for a Moving Playlist

Big move coming up? The hardest part about a move is the motivation to start packing - we’ve got you covered. Check out this moving playlist of catchy songs to get you started! 

Moving can be an exciting time in our lives. Whether it be a brand new city or just a new neighborhood, moving is all about new beginnings. If you have a big move looming on the horizon, there are a few tasks you may not be so excited to get started on. A major one is packing. If searching for the just the right amount of boxes and supplies isn’t enough, not it’s time to spend countless hours, lifting, folding, packaging, taping and so on. 

However, if you’ve heard the phrase, music is the best medicine, we believe it’s also the best motivator. If you have a mountain of things waiting to be packed up, we’ve got the perfect moving playlist of catchy songs to get you going!

1. Firework - Katy Perry 

Firework by Katy Perry for your moving playlist

Katy Perry’s smash hit Firework from 2012 is a power anthem like no other. If the catchy melody doesn’t do it for you, Katy’s rich, throaty alto definitely will. This song is ideal for any occasion, all the way from packing, to the car or plane ride to the process of unpacking in your new home.

2. Movin’ Out - Billy Joel

 Moving Playlist tune by Billy Joel named Movin’ Out

Just because it’s a song about a breakup doesn’t mean it won’t get you in the mood to get up and going! Billy Joel’s classic tune, Movin’ Out has been loved for generations and is the perfect anthem to get you excited about moving on to a new place. 

3. Sorry - Justin Bieber 

Catchy moving playlist song by Justin Bieber
No other hit made more of a buzz in the summer of 2015 than pop sensation, Justin Bieber's hit, Sorry. The infectious, caribbean-drum laced beat over Bieber’s smooth vocals is the perfect song to get you packing and dancing too! 

4.  Jammin’ - Bob Marley 

Catchy Song by Bob Marley for your moving playlist

This international hit is so versatile, it could fall across several categories. And Jammin’ by Bob Marley will definitely put you in the ideal mood to get up and start packing. Bob Marley’s velvety vocals over one of the most famous reggae  tunes of this generation will set the scene for maximum productivity while calming your nerves about the big move.

5. Don’t Stop Believing - Journey

Don’t Stop Believing by Journey for your moving tunes playlist

Our final catchy moving tune needs no formal introduction. Don’t Stop Believing classic rock single by Journey has been an American classic for years and years. The fact that it’s played at most sports events, political rallies and business conferences is a testament that this song is sure to get you pumped. If you need to get out of your packing or unpacking funk, this catchy moving tune is the cure.

Moving comes with an endless checklist of tasks so why not make it easier on yourself by having fun during the process? Whether it’s our suggestions or your own catchy favorites, the right moving playlist can do wonders in assisting you to complete your moving to-do list.

Now that you’re all set for getting packed up, what about which tasks to consider after moving day? For a week-by-week breakdown of moving tasks during your first month in a new home, check out SmartMove’s The First Month: Move-in Checklist

The First Month Move-in Checklist

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