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How to Pack Your Lamp and Lampshades Like a Design Expert

Nervous about damaging your lamp collection during a move? Whether you're using movers or DIY, check out design expert, Libby Langdon's useful tips on properly packing your lamp collection for a big move.

How to Pack Lamps for a Move

Your lamp collection is likely one of your most prized home decor collections simply because a beautiful lamp can add much warmth and personality to your home. If you're in the middle of a big move, it's important to transport your lamps with the utmost care and precision - from packing to loading, lamps are the more delicate home decor pieces that require extra attention. Whether you're using movers or DIY, check out design expert, Libby Langdon's useful tips on properly packing your lamp collection for a big move.

What You'll Need to Pack Lamps

  • Large box for lamp bases
  • Large box for lamp shades
  • Zip-lock bag
  • Packing tap
  • Permanent marker
  • Old socks
  • Bubble wrap 

Packing the Lamp Base

Before packing, remove the finial harp, shade and lightbulb of the lamp. Then, pack the finial and harp in a zip-lock bag and wrap the cord of the lamp around the base to avoid it tangling during transport. Next, wrap the entire lamp in bubble wrap and place inside your lamp box. 

Feel free to pack several lamp bases in one box as long as they are secured by bubble wrap and separated by balled paper.

Packing the Lamp Shade

Next, use another box to pack your lamp shade. Place balled paper at the base and pack the lamp shade upside down. If you have multiple lamp shades to pack, separate the shades with newsprint and place the additional shades inside the largest one. Secure the empty spaces with more newsprint and secure with tape. 

Packing the Bulb and Finial Harp

When you pack the delicate finial harp and bulb, wrap the bulb in the old socks and place in a zip-lock bag along with the harp. Next, place your zip-lock bags in the lamp base box - don't forget to label!

Moving Your Lamps into Your New Space

Once your lamps have been safely transported to your new home, it's time to unpack and arrange them in a stylish yet functional way. When deciding where to place your lamps, consider the table they'll be sitting on and make sure to mix materials. Avoid pairing a glass lamp on a glass table or a metal lamp on a metal table. 

Make sure to position the lamps so that they illuminate all four corners of the room as any dark space can make the room feel smaller. If you're looking to revamp your existing lamps, buy new shades in interesting colors or shapes -- this can give an old lamp base a stylish new feel. For rooms you wish to add height and space, arrange tall lamps so that you allow light to spread evenly throughout. For smaller, more cozy spaces, place your small lamps on a table or shelf.

Lamps not only light up your room, they add elegant aesthetic touches to your space for an overall warm and inviting feel. For more tips on Libby Langdon's moving tips, visit

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