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Five local spots you need to find immediately

When planning to move, it's a good idea to locate essential services such as hospitals and DMVs. However, it's also just as important that you find out those smaller spots that make you feel more at home. After reaching your hometown, make a point of finding these 5 places in your first month.

Moving to a new town means having to learn a completely new geography. Top on your priority list should be key institutions, such as the DMV, the hospital and the nearest grocery store. However, when you move, emergency services and government buildings aren't the only roots that you're pulling up. There are a myriad of smaller locales that help you situate in your hometown and feel more connected  to the community at large. These aren't necessarily the places that you actively locate when moving to a new town, but which nevertheless play key roles in your daily life, including coffee shops and city squares. Here are 5 of the most important destinations you should make a point of finding in your first month in your new home, as well as some apps that could help find what you're looking for. 

Reliable takeout and delivery
Grocery stores will be your lifeline in a new town, but the unsung heroes for newly replanted residents are takeout restaurants. Imagine getting stuck in evening commuter traffic because you don't yet know the best route home. Consider the exhaustion of spending a full day repainting and arranging your living room. Takeout is the go-to solution when you're too tired to cook or your pantry is practically empty. 

Collect menus for a number of takeout restaurants in the area, and consult Yelp for reviews. If you want to be tech-savvy, you can always use Eat24, a handy app that presents all of the delivery restaurants in your area and lets you order from them online. 

An affordable home improvement store
When you first move into a home, chances are you're going to need to make a lot of home improvements. Your walls will need painting, you'll want tools and materials for hanging artwork and pictures and you might even need to do some minor furniture repairs. Knowing where the home improvement store is also important for emergencies, whether you find yourself with a leaking pipe or a poorly sealed window. If you're looking for excuses to visit a home improvement store, you can consult home design apps such as Houzz, which serves as great inspiration for new projects.

Best coffee shop
Perhaps most important for morning commutes and weekend relaxation is the local cafe. There is no shortage of national chains across the country, and they can even be the best coffee shops in the area. However, you'll want to do your own research, since many cities have their own local cafes that bring their own hometown flavor. Locate a convenient coffee shop for your morning drive, just in case you didn't have time to cook yourself breakfast. Also, find a place where you can hang out on morning weekends. To aid you in your quest the Find Me Coffee app gets right down to business.

People watching spots
You probably already knew before moving where the popular hangout spots would be in your new town. However, now that you've made the move, you'll want to investigate the best place for watching the city go about its business. People-watching spots are a popular pastime for many, and its a good way idle away an afternoon or evening in full view of the town. Finding these kinds of spots are great places to relax, but they're also good jumping off points into other activities throughout the town.

Green spaces
Just as its important to find out where the action is, you'll also want to know places where you can escape for an hour or even a weekend. If you live in a city, locate the nearest parks, as well as the ones with the most foot traffic. Even if you work in the city, parks can provide much-needed respite from a new job. You'll also want to locate nearby parks outside of the city - places where you can go hiking, biking and camping. Once you find a park, you'll always have a place where you can get away. If you're fortunate enough to live near a national park, consult National Geographic's app with maps, photo galleries and a list of great sights.

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