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Decor Do's & Don'ts When Decorating a New Home

Looking for new home decor ideas? If you recently moved into a new living space, interior decorating is likely on your moving checklist. Learn what to and not-to do when decorating your new home.

If you recently moved into a new space, you most likely can’t wait to add your personal flair to your new home or apartment. Home decor ideas are mostly subjective, and should reflect your style personality but there’s certain bad interior design looks you may want to avoid. 

Before you unleash your Libby Langdon skills on your new space, check out these modern home decor ideas that can help keep your home looking warm, inviting and beautiful. 

1. Don’t Decorate in Multiple Themes

Incorporating home decor themes are a common and encouraged practice - it’s an effective way to communicate your unique style and personality throughout your space. However, this trend can go way wrong when too many themes are incorporated into one space. 

For example, if you’re going for a bohemian vintage theme, skip the tribal paintings and tropical plants. While these items can be striking by themselves, they can muddy the rustic, vintage look you’re going for. 

2. Do Incorporate Multiple Colors 

Unless you’re going for an ultra-modern, normcore feel, using multiple colors within your home decor theme is highly encouraged. You can approach this trend by using complementary or contrasting shades but keep in mind that using too many clashing colors can look overwhelming. 

Even if you’re going for a sleek, all-white room, incorporate pops of color by strategically placing plants or pieces of art around the space - when it comes to utilizing color, the choices are endless. 

3. Don’t Decorate with Furniture That Doesn’t Fit

If you’re downsizing, the furniture pieces from your old space may not fit into your new home properly. Ill-fitting furniture can make a space look small and cluttered, so it’s important to adhere to this rule as best as you can.

If purchasing new furniture to fit your space isn’t an option, consider only bringing along a few pieces from your old home into the new space.

4. Do Display Statement Home Decor Pieces 

Some of us feel wary of highlighting a striking item that gets all the attention in a room, however, this trend is preferable to displaying too many ornaments and pieces without an unified theme. Having one, impactful centerpiece like a vintage grand piano or a large chandelier can draw the eye to one point of the room rather than having multiple pieces competing for attention. 

While it’s fine to support the statement piece with complimentary decor such as a plant or a leather chaise, it’s important to remember that these additional items should simply highlight the statement piece rather than taking attention away.

Decorating a new home is one of the most exciting parts of the moving process. It’s a chance to release the old and embrace the new. These home decor do’s & don’ts will ensure that your excitement doesn’t spill into bad interior design while still giving you the freedom to flex your home decor creative muscle! Looking for more ways to beautify your space? Check out home & design expert, Libby Langdon's tips for finding your design inspiration.

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