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April is Moving Month!

With April upon us, it's time to start preparing for a healthy move and a safe home. 

April is here, and that means the beginning of moving season. While there is no doubt many items populate your moving checklist, your top priority should be to ensure a safe transition and a healthy new home. 

To help, we'll be providing tips all month on how to keep your new house or apartment safe, clean and green. That includes ways to combat mold, how to perform a house inspection and tips for cleaning your home in an environmentally friendly fashion. We'll even talk about how to keep yourself healthy, too, with food and exercise suggestions. Take all these tips into consideration and you may be well on your way to a healthier, happier life in your new home. 

Safety concerns

Moving can pose many health hazards, from the physical strain of lifting boxes to the dangers of driving a moving truck in inclement weather. However, once you reach your new place, you'll still need to be on guard. You'll want to make sure that your home is as safe as it can be. That includes guaranteeing that its structural integrity is intact and that the potential for mold growth is mitigated. You'll also want to ensure that your home is prepared for any worst-case scenarios, whether it's snow storms, flooding or pest infestations. We'll go over all of these safety topics and more in the coming weeks. 

Going green

If you're interested in reducing your impact on the environment - or even helping it grow - we'll also be discussing best practices for living in a green household. You may learn about the most environmentally friendly cleaning and pest removal products, or green furniture and heating and cooling techniques.

In keeping with the season, it's also good to spend some time outdoors. Topics may include how to landscape your yard, start your own garden and handle pesky critters near your home in a non-harmful fashion. Composting is something else you may want to try that recycles garbage and can even help your garden thrive. Earth Day is also in April, and we'll show you some great ways to celebrate in your new neighborhood. By the end of the month, you may have just developed your own green thumb. 

Keeping healthy

A safe and clean home isn't just about keeping the furniture spotless - it's also about making sure you're healthy, too. As such, we'll talk about healthy recipes and shopping lists you can use to avoid eating out in those crucial first weeks of a move. You may also want to go over our tips for getting exercise even in the midst of a chaotic move. 

A healthy mind, body and home may make life in your new town that much better. By the end of April, we hope you'll have gained some much needed piece of mind.

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