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6 ways to capture memories in your new home

There are several fun and creative ways for you to document your moving experience.

When you look back on the moving process and your time getting settled in your new home, it's nice to have tangible memories to commemorate the experience. Though moving can be stressful, capturing the positive moments will give you something fun to focus on.

  1. Before and after pictures: One of the best parts of any home decorating TV show is the big before and after reveal. It's always interesting to see how a bit of paint and revamped furniture can completely change the aesthetic of a space. Take photos of the empty rooms before moving your belongings in, then again after you're settled. Don't forget to nab shots from every direction because you never know where the most impressive change will be. You can even take pictures during the process to document how you decorated each room, step by step. 
  2. Height wall or hand print wall for kids: To help kids capture memories in the new place, consider dedicating a wall to their growth throughout the family's time there. The traditional way to do this is with a height chart. Have the kids stand with their backs to a wall and mark how tall they are at move-in. Repeat the process every six or 12 months so they can see how they've developed  while growing attached to the home. Alternatively, have kids make a hand print on the wall in paint with the date and repeat like the height chart.
  3. Pinterest settling in: Not only can Pinterest supply you with hundreds of moving, decorating and organizing ideas, but you can return the favor. Think about what people would be interested in, from your no-fuss dinners for a still-packed kitchen to the way you arrange the bathroom closet. Pin regional recipes that you learned or ways you kept your kids entertained while there was packing and unpacking to be done. 
  4. Make a video: Consider pulling together a video of your new neighborhood. Film your family getting acquainted with the home and town. If it's a good area for biking, consider attaching your camera to the handlebars and filming a ride through the neighborhood. You could also do something similar from the passenger seat of a car.  It may be fun to include footage from the actual moving process.
  5. Take a picture every day: To document your first year after moving, take a picture every day. There are projects like this on Twitter and Instagram​, such as 100 happy days and the 365 day challenge. Tailor that model to your transition so you have a collection of photos that represent how you made an unfamiliar place your new home. Consider photographing restaurants you try, scenery that catches your eye and friends you make over the year. You can share these images in an online photo slideshow or print and place them in a photo album for people to flip through. 
  6. Journal or blog: If words are more your thing, start a journal or blog about your moving and settling experiences. A journal is better for your personal feelings or if you're a private person. You may also enjoy journaling more if your job involves being on a computer all day because it will be a break from screen time. A blog is a great way for people to keep up with you after you move as well as an opportunity for new friends you make to learn more about you.

The best part of these methods is that they can be combined. For instance, photos can be posted on a blog or saved to Pinterest and a video could incorporate photos during the editing process.

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