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16 Packing Tips For An Efficient Move

If you're planning to move, these packing tips will help you stay stress-free while you prepare for transit. 

16 Packing Tips for Moving

To some, packing may seem like an easy task. However, it tends to be more daunting than anticipated once you get into the thick of it. Before moving, check out these packing tips that will hopefully make the process simpler and smoother for you.

  1. Some lightweight clothes and linens can stay in the drawers of your dressers or bureaus, which will save space in boxes or suitcases. Better Homes and Gardens says it may even be a good idea to put a set of sheets, pajamas and a clean towel in each person's armoire so there isn't any need to dig through boxes before going to sleep the first night in your new house.
  2. Heavy items such as books are best to pack in smaller boxes. If you do pack them in a large box, fill the rest with light linens so you don't hurt yourself lifting a hefty box. To make the most of the space in each box, sort books by size.
  3. If possible, stack lampshades on top of each other to save space.
  4. You may be inclined to stack dishes in boxes but it's actually safer to turn them on their ends. Wrap them individually with paper, as they are less likely to break in that configuration. 
  5. Boxes are ideal for packing because they fit together nicely in the truck. The sides will be flush against each other so there is less chance of items shifting in transit.
  6. When filling boxes up, put the heavy items on the bottom and then add lighter belongings above for the most stability.
  7. If you're wrapping small trinkets or glassware, consider using colored tissue paper. This will help you remember that those items shouldn't be thrown out, in case they mingle with packing materials that you're ready to dispose of.
  8. Dust decorations and knickknacks as you pack so when you arrive at your destination, you can simply set everything up without worrying about cleaning.
  9. Any liquid products should be sealed in plastic bags so they don't spill in any boxes, potentially ruining other belongings.
  10. Pack kitchen glasses in socks to protect them during moving while saving paper.
  11. For electronics that are wired a particular way like televisions or sound systems, take a picture before you disassemble. Then when you start getting settled, you'll have a reference to ensure everything is reconnected correctly.
  12. Check with local liquor stores for boxes that have cardboard divider inserts. These will be helpful for transporting wine bottles or other tall containers that will be easiest to carry if they are upright.
  13. It might seem impossible for your furniture and boxes to move during the drive because they are well-packed but it still could happen. Fill garbage bags with stuffed animals, blankets, pillows and clothes then squeeze them between the furniture to really secure them. You can also use these fabric items to fill a box that has extra space so nothing can shift around.
  14. If you plan on packing clothes or other fabrics in garbage bags, consider buying another color for actual trash. This way, you won't mix up the bags and throw belongings out by accident.
  15. Have each person pack a suitcase as if they were going on vacation. This will give the family about a week to get settled without feeling rushed to find clean underwear or the pants they need for work. In the same vein, pack a box with items you'll need first, like a tool kit and coffee pot, and make sure it's loaded onto the truck last. 
  16. If you're planning on buying new threads for the beds, use your old fitted sheets to keep mattresses scuff-free during the move. You can also use them to cover furniture to prevent it from getting scratched, such as kitchen chairs or upholstered seats.

With these moving tips, packing up your current house should lend itself to a stress-free move.

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