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Where You Can Get the Best Altice (Optimum) Mobile Plans

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For most consumers, it’s essential to have a mobile carrier that fits their budget and lifestyle.

Mobile service providers like Verizon, AT&T, and T-Mobile are well-known companies that many people turn to, but there are other options that can save consumers money. Mint Mobile is widely recognized as a provider of low-cost mobile service, but there are other great options you may not be familiar with. Optimum, a low-cost MVNO service offered by Altice USA, provides coverage to many states and could be the perfect fit for your mobile needs.

Does Altice Mobile Still Exist?

What's the difference between Altice Mobile and Optimum Mobile? Altice USA recently renamed its Suddenlink service to Optimum Mobile, but they’re still dedicated to providing premium wireless service at a low cost. Optimum allows the company to manage its telecommunications service under a single banner.

Optimum Mobile provides Internet, mobile, and TV packages with service protection for one year. Optimum’s mobile coverage lets you start saving right away, with great deals for those who switch lines and purchase a new phone.

Which Phones Are Available with Optimum?

Optimum Mobile lets you use the phone you want. With deals on the latest iPhone and Samsung devices, users will have access to high-speed data over a 5G network at no extra cost.

You can use your Altice mobile phone number on your own phone or with a new one that you’ve purchased through their website.

Currently, customers can take advantage of their 0% APR, $0 down pricing offer to get the latest devices, including the Motorola Moto G Pure for $4.44 a month, the Samsung Galaxy A53 5G for $8.33 a month, or the Apple iPhone 14 for $17.47 a month. Pricing on new phones requires activation.

What Network Does Optimum Mobile Use?

Optimum Mobile operates on the T-Mobile network. The Altice Mobile Coverage Map (now Optimum Mobile Coverage Map) provides growing 4G LTE, 5G, and Wi-Fi hotspot network coverage to customers.

T-Mobile’s Nationwide coverage offers the best in 5G. No matter what data caps you’ve signed up for, you’ll have the best broadband connectivity for your network activities and mobile hotspotting.

Availability, download speeds, and upload speeds are dependent on the user’s device. More information about accessibility and speeds can be found on their website.

How to Get the Best Optimum Mobile Plans

Optimum Mobile plans are incredibly flexible, giving users the option of purchasing bandwidth ranging from 1GB to unlimited data. Their plans compare to other providers in price range, bringing users unlimited talk and text alongside their chosen 5G/4G LTE data plan.

Starting at $15 for 1GB, users get 5G coverage at no extra cost and the ability to upgrade to a new plan at any time. With the $45 unlimited plan, users get access to a 5G mobile hotspot and multi-line savings of $20 a month on up to five lines.

Additionally, at $60 a month, the Unlimited Max Plan offers the best coverage for power users. The package includes 50GB of premium data, HD-quality video streaming, and 15GB of data for a mobile hotspot.

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