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What You Can Expect with Ting Mobile

A summary of Ting Mobile’s services, their network coverage and the benefits of purchasing Ting service for mobile coverage.

Whether using a phone for work calls and emails, video chatting with friends, or streaming your favorite entertainment, it’s nearly impossible to imagine a day without your phone. That’s one of many reasons it’s important to find the best service provider for your needs.

Ting offers great deals. However, the best ones might not be immediately apparent. Potential customers can review Ting Mobile by exploring what they can expect from its service before selecting them as their provider.

Is Ting Owned by Verizon?

When researching Ting Mobile, one may wonder why the provider operates on the Verizon network. To be clear, this doesn’t mean they’re owned by Verizon.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), Ting leases its mobile service network from Verizon, and other providers depending on the area, to provide users with the best possible connection.

What Network Does Ting Mobile Use?

The Verizon network and T-Mobile network are the largest data providers in the country. Ting Mobile’s SIM cards will connect to both of these providers to give their wireless customers access to 4G LTE speeds. Ting’s Home Gigabit service offers data speeds with 5G/LTE connectivity at up to 1 Gb of data.

Is Ting a Worthy Service?

Is Ting Mobile reliable? Alongside its 4G LTE capabilities, Ting offers users WiFi calling alongside international calling for a truly mobile experience. Mobile customers can use tethering for personal hotspots in order to keep all of their devices connected.

Ting has many additional benefits that users should consider when deciding whether Ting’s service is right for them.

Transfer Your Phone Number

Ting allows you to easily transfer your phone number, and the process is designed to be painless. All you need is your account number, pin or password and any relevant billing information. GSM activation and CDMA activation are both supported.

New users can get a new phone from Ting’s digital shop or bring their own. It’s easy to check compatibility before activation with Ting’s phone IMEI search service. Compatible devices require a Ting SIMcard for activation. Cell phone plans can be activated on a variety of popular mobile phones, including Apple iPhones and Android or Samsung devices.

Manage Your Ting Account

The Ting website is a great way for users to directly manage their phone service. From your user account, you can easily pay your monthly phone bill, track data usage and monthly costs, and make changes to your personal information.

Ting Support Features

Ting customer services are offered to all current customers. Customer support options include a support hotline, chat and 24/7 request submissions. Ting also provides a knowledgebase and forums so users can get answers to their questions at any time.

How Much Does Ting Cost Per Month?

Mobile plans provide flexibility for customers who want the per-line options that fit their needs. Current data plans start at $25 per month for 5 Gb, with 12 Gb offered for only $35 per month. All plans come with unlimited talk and text.

Ting’s Unlimited plan costs $45 per month and comes with unlimited data with up to 22 Gb of fast data, while the unlimited pro plan for $55 per month offers up to 35 Gb of fast data. Ting’s Flex plan provides a pay-as-you-go option that costs $10 per month for data shared across all lines.

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