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What Is T Mobile DIGITS?

Here we provide a summary of T-Mobile DIGITS, including eligibility requirements and how users can get started.

Mobile phones have ushered in a world where people can stay connected no matter what. This connectivity gives them the freedom to live, work, and play from anywhere at any time.

Despite this freedom, people are often locked into a specific phone number, making it more difficult to switch devices on the fly. T-Mobile is working to change all that with T-Mobile DIGITS.

Introducing T-Mobile DIGITS

Customers are generally able to have their phone number switched to a new carrier, but this can be challenging. Companies such as Verizon and AT&T, for example, each have their own process for transferring or updating a phone number.

T-Mobile DIGITS is a service currently offered by T-Mobile that allows customers to share their phone number between compatible devices. The name “T-Mobile DIGITS” refers to the personalization of an individual phone number that can be used the way you want.

Who Can Use T-Mobile DIGITS?

Any T-Mobile customers who subscribe to Essentials, Magenta, or Magenta Max phone plans can get started with DIGITS right away. Even if you don’t have a mobile phone, you can download and install the T-Mobile DIGITS app to bring T-Mobile services to any compatible device.

How Does T-Mobile DIGITS Work?

Traditionally, phone numbers have been locked to a SIM card or eSIM controlled by a carrier. This limits functionality and makes it more difficult for users to access their personal numbers when they need to.

With DIGITS, T-Mobile has freed customers from the need to use a SIM or eSIM.

Although phone numbers can be shared across Apple devices, they don’t provide interoperability with other popular products that run on Android. Google Voice is another popular alternative but can only be used on a single line. DIGITS services give users access to voicemail, SMS, and notifications on a single device or multiple devices.

How Do You Use T-Mobile DIGITS?

Existing customers can access their DIGITS number through Mydigits by going to the website and entering their T-Mobile ID. Users can also download the DIGITS app through either the iOS or Android app store to access their T-Mobile number.

T-Mobile DIGITS can be used anywhere with an ethernet connection or Wi-Fi. Compatible devices must be activated through the T-Mobile DIGITS app or website. Those having trouble with their DIGITS lines can get help by going to and selecting contact & support at the top.

What Devices Does T-Mobile DIGITS Work on?

T-Mobile DIGITS can be used on most smartphones and tablets. This includes iOS devices such as iPhones, iPads, and Macs, as well as Android devices such as Samsung’s Galaxy. DIGITS must be given the proper permissions to function on a smartphone or tablet.

The T-Mobile DIGITS features can also be accessed through a web browser. Any computer running Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Firefox, or any other modern browser should have no trouble accessing DIGITS.

DIGITS is even compatible with wearables. Devices such as the Apple Watch or Samsung Galaxy Watch will work with the service.

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