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What Does Visible Mobile Have to Offer?

We provide a summary of the service, its relationship with Verizon Wireless, and the different plans available to customers.

Consumers have many options when it comes to their choice of mobile carrier. While traditional providers offer a variety of plans, many people are looking for something more straightforward for their mobile service.

Visible Mobile is a cost-effective alternative to some major providers, offering a comprehensive network experience alongside a simplified pricing structure. Getting access to a powerful network for less is a great deal, but some might have some questions or prefer to bundle their mobile plans with their Internet and TV service.

Who Is the Carrier for Visible Mobile?

Visible was created by Verizon in 2018 as a fully-digital alternative to traditional service providers. Although it’s owned by Verizon, Visible’s service options are app-based and designed around a fully mobile network experience.

Operating on Verizon’s network means Visible customers have access to nationwide coverage and high-speed connectivity with data speeds of up to 12 Mbps.

This service makes it easy to stay connected on the go, allowing users to access their content no matter where they are.

What Does Activation Look Like with Visible?

Activation with Visible Mobile is quick and easy. Customers can simply insert their Visible sim card, download the mobile app, and follow their device-specific instructions to get started. Devices with eSIM functionality can be activated right away without a physical sim card.

To make things even easier, new devices from Apple, Samsung, and Google are available through Visible. Customers have the option to swap, trade-in, or upgrade to a new phone when purchasing their service.

This flexibility allows customers to find the device they want while taking advantage of Visible’s network.

What Plans Does Visible Offer?

Visible’s wireless service does away with family plans and instead opts to provide a single line of service to each customer. New plans give you unlimited everything and cover nearly all of the United States with a reliable 5G network.

Visible’s phone service offers two unlimited plans for new customers - Visible and Visible+. The Visible service comes with unlimited talk, text, and data alongside a 5G nationwide and 4G LTE network. Choosing Visible+ adds 5G Ultra Wideband, giving users a premium data experience.

Visible unlimited cell phone plans have no hidden fees and cost just $30 a month for the basic plan or $45 for Visible+.

Does Visible Offer International Calling?

Visible’s mobile services can be used throughout the continental United States. Both Visible and Visible+ subscribers also have access to free international calling to Mexico and Canada, while inside the U.S.

Subscribers to Visible+ also get free international calling from the U.S. to over 30 countries as well as texting to over 200 countries.

What Are Some Other Perks?

Visible and Visible+ plans also offer users a mobile hotspot they can use to connect their other devices to WiFi using their phone’s data plan. Users can get speeds up to 5Mbps when connecting to their hotspot data.

Regardless of which plan you choose, customers get the latest spam protection and 24/7 access to chat support also.

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