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US Mobile vs. Mint Mobile: How Do They Compare?

We provide a comparison of US Mobile and Mint Mobile, which covers the plans, pricing, coverage, and features they provide.

Finding the best mobile deal available is important, but comparing different plans and pricing can get complicated quickly. With carriers such as Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint each offering so many deals and packages, it’s no wonder consumers have a difficult time deciding what’s best.

For a better deal, smaller carrier options are often a good fit. Optimum Mobile has ongoing deals that let users save on up to five lines for a single account. US Mobile and Mint Mobile are two of the most popular alternatives, but it’s hard to say which is better. New customers, or existing customers who want to switch plans, should carefully consider each to decide which mobile carrier is best for them. But are US Mobile and Mint Mobile the same?

US Mobile

US Mobile is, as its name implies, a US-based company that operates on both the T-Mobile and Verizon networks to deliver comprehensive coverage at lower costs.

As a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), US Mobile does not own or operate any of its own network infrastructure. Instead it functions by piggybacking off of the other major providers to supply its bandwidth.

Mint Mobile

Is Mint Mobile a US company? Yes. As another US-based MVNO, Mint operates solely on the T-Mobile network, making it a great option for customers that want similar coverage with even better pricing options.

Is Mint Mobile owned by AT&T? No. In fact, Mint Mobile is actually owned by celebrity Ryan Reynolds. The company implements a unique pricing structure that many users find preferable to the competition, including AT&T.

US Mobile vs. Mint Mobile

Mobile carriers like Spectrum offer customers savings as high as 60% but there are many other providers that have great prices on mobile data as well. When comparing US Mobile and Mint Mobile, it’s obvious that both have great plans and pricing. They may even offer more flexibility than some of their competitors.

Looking at the differences in plans, coverage, and service options can shed some light on which of the providers offers the best pricing and support to their customers.


To start, both Mint and US Mobile offer prepaid services that don't require any contract for activation. US Mobile’s low-cost prepaid plans are $45/month for a single line of high-speed data and drop to just $30/month for each line when purchasing four or more lines. Unlimited family plans offer something for everyone.

Mint’s cell phone plans are designed a little differently. Customers can purchase a three-month plan for a reduced price, starting at just $15/month. With three months free as a bonus when starting a new service, users can get the six initial months for only $45, so it’s hard to say no.


Data speeds are one of the most important factors when shopping around for a good mobile service plan. US Mobile offers premium 5G data to users who activate with a valid SIM card, offering a truly unlimited data plan that includes a mobile hotspot with 4G LTE access.

Given that it operates over Verizon’s network as well as T-Mobile’s, US Mobile has greater flexibility when it comes to coverage.

Mint also comes with unlimited 4G LTE data and unlimited talk and text alongside nationwide mobile coverage through T-Mobile’s network. Both providers allow users to create a mobile hotspot with high-speed data from their service plan.

Other Features

There are many other perks to getting service with either US Mobile or Mint. US Mobile has international roaming data in hundreds of countries, including Mexico and Canada.

Mint takes a slightly different approach with its UpRoam credit service that allows users to add money to their international roaming data in small increments, including $5, $10, and $20.

Phone Models

Both providers allow you to bring your compatible phone when signing up for service, but you can always purchase a new device as well. Whether you prefer a Samsung Galaxy and other Android products or instead prefer the Apple iPhone, you’ll be covered no matter which service you choose.

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