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The Best Mobile Family Plans from T-Mobile, Boost, and More

Explore mobile family plans from common carriers for families that want the best deal on each line.

Cell phone plans come in all shapes and sizes. While prices largely depend on the carrier, there are many options you can take advantage of to get a better deal.

Having a low-cost mobile plan is important for many people, and having multiple lines on a single plan can be a huge benefit, especially for families. Spectrum, for example, has the latest devices and great features for only $29.99. This can be a huge benefit to families switching plans or getting service for the first time.

What Is the Average Cell Phone Bill for a Family of 4?

While a single line can range from $15 to $75 on average, depending on the amount of data used and the provider, it can cost up to almost $200 for a family of four to have mobile coverage each month. This makes it essential for larger families to find all the savings they can by keeping up on the latest deals and offers.

Is It Cheaper to Be on a Family Plan?

Most carriers offer discounts when purchasing multiple lines and allow you to keep your monthly budget in check. Family cell phone plans can save you anywhere from $5 to $15 per line. Carriers like Optimum Mobile take part in the Affordable Connectivity Program, allowing families to get even greater savings.

This kind of savings potential makes signing up for a family plan one of the best ways to score a discount on your mobile service. Additionally, it can be easier and more efficient as there is only one bill for everyone included on the account.

Who Has the Best Data Plan for Your Family?

The best cell phone plans come with perks such as high-speed data, deals on the latest mobile phones, and other great features. Some even offer limited time incentives, like free or discounted streaming subscriptions. Xfinity Mobile allows you to choose between paying for unlimited data or by the gig, making it a flexible option for those who want a good pay-as-you-go plan.

When searching for the best data plan, it’s important to keep in mind that each mobile carrier has distinct benefits and drawbacks. Therefore, you need to be selective as they may not all work for you and your family.


Verizon has unlimited ultra-speed data plans that can be mixed and matched according to each user’s needs with nationwide access to their 5G network. Unlimited plans are only $50 per line, per month when you enroll in autopay. This plan includes unlimited texting and calls to Canada and Mexico, plus discounts to other countries around the world.


AT&T makes it easy to give everyone what they want. Premium plans include unlimited talk, text, and data starting at just $35 per line when purchasing 4 lines.

AT&T’s service can be used to stay connected with friends and family in Canada and Mexico. While the Unlimited Starter and Unlimited Extra plans offer unlimited SD streaming capabilities, those who subscribe to Unlimited premium get upgraded 4K UHD capabilities.


Sprint is now part of T-Mobile, but they still offer great plan options to their customers. The Sprint Essentials Plan comes with unlimited 3G mobile hotspot data for $60 per month, with up to four additional lines for a total of $135.

Sprint Essentials starts with a 3G mobile hotspot and 480p SD quality video streaming, while Sprint Max provides a 40GB-per-month mobile hotspot and 4K Ultra-HD video streaming. This upgraded plan starts at $135 per month with discounts for each additional line.


T-Mobile family plans are designed to give users unparalleled connectivity. Their plans offer the best in unlimited data, with 5G and 4G LTE nationwide access to the T-Mobile network.

With a T-Mobile family plan, four lines or more can be bundled into one affordable package. As part of the T-Mobile family plan, customers can buy up to two lines and get their third line free. T-Mobile offers family mobile plans for as low as $90 per month, and Magenta Max is only $140 per month with autopay.

All in all, T-Mobile family plans are a great option. Metro customers now have access to their network as well.

Mint Mobile

The Mint mobile family plan provides a modern, affordable solution that allows each line to customize its level of service. Starting at just $30 for two lines, users get three months free when they pay for three lines upfront.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile family plans offer a flexible approach where users simply add extra lines as they see fit. Boost Mobile’s prepaid lines start at under $10 per month with new service activation. With the power to choose your own family plan, Boost lets you save while having it your way.

Boost Mobile customers get unlimited talk and text, as well as access to Wi-Fi calling. For the best savings, users can prepay over 12 months and get unlimited talk and text, unlimited mobile 5G/4G LTE data, and a 12GB mobile hotspot for only $25 per month.

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