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T-Mobile vs. Mint Mobile

A comparison of mobile service providers T-Mobile and Mint Mobile that covers information about plan prices, speed, and compatibility.

Selecting the right carrier for your cell phone service is a big deal — not only from a financial standpoint but because you want to ensure you have coverage no matter where you are. When looking at T-Mobile vs. Mint Mobile, there are many important factors to consider. Each provider has its own plans with unique offers and benefits.

Comparing mobile carriers takes time. Luckily, we broke down the details so you can compare and contrast these two popular providers.

Are T-Mobile and Mint Mobile the same?

For those asking, “Is Mint Mobile part of T-Mobile?’, the answer isn’t so straightforward. AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile make up a small number of providers that dominate the mobile landscape in the United States. They offer access to high-speed data on their networks through their own infrastructure.

So is Mint Mobile actually T-Mobile? Not really. Mint Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), which means they don’t own their own cellular towers. Instead, they lease bandwidth from the T-Mobile network.

Is T-Mobile Better than Mint Mobile?

Since T-Mobile and Mint Mobile operate on the same network, the coverage should be very similar no matter which carrier you choose. T-Mobile, Mint Mobile, and other providers allow individuals to purchase single lines and family plans at competitive rates. Although Ryan Reynolds, a partial owner of Mint Mobile, might like to make the argument that Mint Mobile is better, potential customers should carefully consider their options before deciding which service is right for them.

Mint Mobile Plans

Mint Mobile plans come in many packages. From unlimited plans to prepaid, Mint’s mobile offers have something for everyone. At the time of writing, three-month plans come in at $45 for 4 Gb of data, while the 12-month, 15 Gb plan is $300.

All customers get unlimited nationwide talk and text. Free calling to Canada and Mexico is also included, in addition to lower rates in over 160 countries. Mint’s unlimited plan costs $360 for a year, which comes to only $30 per month. However, it’s important to note that unlimited data plans have their speeds reduced after 35 Gb.

T-Mobile Plans

T-Mobile’s unlimited plans are based on the number of lines on the account. The base essentials package offers access to 20 Gb of high-speed data on a single line, while the most expensive Magenta Max plan provides unlimited high-speed data.

All T-Mobile plans come with unlimited talk and text and a flat rate for calls to over 210 other countries. Unlimited hotspot at 3G speeds is also available to all customers.

Is Mint Mobile as Fast as T-Mobile?

Upfront pricing for T-Mobile provides many perks that customers may find beneficial. T-Mobile coverage is offered over a 5G network alongside options for more lines at lower prices. As far as speed goes, T-Mobile users get preferred access to the network, so Mint Mobile users may encounter slower speeds at times.

Both services allow for WiFi calling and mobile hotspots capable of 4G LTE speeds. As far as device capabilities go, both services allow users to either purchase or bring their own mobile phones. Apple iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, and other Android devices are usually compatible, depending on the model.

Does Mint Mobile Work with T-Mobile?

So does Mint Mobile service work for T-Mobile customers? Not exactly. You can’t simply replace your T-Mobile SIM card with a Mint SIM card and switch service. Activation is required for a user to have an active account with Mint Mobile’s network.

Most carriers make it fairly simple and straightforward to switch though. With “bring your own device” plans and the ability to keep your number, switching from one provider to another isn’t difficult.

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