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Spectrum Mobile Cell Phone Plans: How to Choose the Right Plan

Spectrum offers some of the best cell phone plans available with By The Gig (BTG), Unlimited, Unlimited Plus and other options. Find out more from SmartMove.

A great cell phone plan is crucial to staying connected in today’s world. Smartphones, in particular, offer a myriad of features that keep users in touch with friends and family, and on top of school or work assignments, entertainment, shopping, current events and more. But a great phone is only as good as the plan it’s on.

Spectrum (also called Charter) is a popular provider of Internet and cable TV service. Plus, Spectrum offers some excellent mobile phone plans.

How Much Does a Phone Plan Cost with Spectrum?

Though Spectrum routinely offers affordable mobile phone plans, the company does run deals every few months to cut service costs for new users even more. Here are a couple of those plans.

Households can pay just $29.99 per line each month for unlimited talk, text and data nationwide when they sign up two or more lines. Not sure if that’s cheaper than the plan you currently have? Check out Spectrum’s savings calculator.

Spectrum customers can also pay for their cell service “By the Gig” (BTG). BTG is best for users who don’t use their mobile phone for browsing the Internet except via their home WiFi signal. If you prefer to pay for data by the gig, you can pay $14 per GB per month and only pay for what you use.

For anyone who likes to stream 4k video on the go or participate in online gaming from their smartphone, an unlimited plan is likely the way to go. Spectrum has two of these: Unlimited and Unlimited Plus. More on the difference between these below.

One important caveat: To become a Spectrum mobile plan customer, you must also be a Spectrum Internet customer.

What You Can Expect from Spectrum Mobile Phone Service

You may be wondering, “Why should I opt for a Spectrum phone plan when there are so many other great options for mobile service out there?” Well, if you’re a Spectrum Internet customer, the savings are a great reason to choose Spectrum mobile. If you’re not yet a Spectrum Internet customer, it’s worth looking into becoming one, because Spectrum consistently offers some of the greatest mobile plan perks on the market today.

Whether you opt for an unlimited plan (either Unlimited or Unlimited Plus) or By the Gig (BTG) plan, you can easily switch between data plans at any time. For example, BTG users can switch to the Unlimited plan mid-month without incurring any additional fees. Similarly, Unlimited users can upgrade to the Unlimited Plus plan at any point in their billing cycle with ease.

With By the Gig data, you can also share data between up to 10 lines on a single plan. This means the entire family can easily access the exact amount of data they need without paying extra for data that will go unused. Plus, the Unlimited plan includes nationwide 5G access at no extra cost.

Looking for unlimited talk, text and high-speed data with a little something extra? For just $10 more per line a month, each person on your plan can enjoy HD video streaming across all apps.

Users on the Unlimited plan will experience slower download and upload speeds after 20 GB of data has been used, but no extra fees will be incurred. Similarly, the Unlimited Plan increases this data cap to 30 GB before upload and download speeds will be affected.

Bundle Your Spectrum Phone Plan with Other Services and Save

Mobile phone service is crucial, and if you’re like almost every other person in the U.S., your smartphone likely isn’t the only device you’re paying for. If you’re also a cable TV and/or high-speed Internet service customer, it pays to combine all of your media essentials into one convenient package. Luckily, Spectrum offers some of the best and most affordable packages available.

In many cases, Spectrum will offer new-user bundle deals that reduce your Internet, TV, and mobile phone costs for up to 12 months after the start of your contract. Enter your address to find out about the bundle specials Spectrum might be running in your area.

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