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Simple Mobile Plans: Pros and Cons

A review of Simple Mobile cellular plans, including their network coverage, pricing, and the pros and cons of using the provider for service.

Everyone always wants the best mobile deals available, but navigating the array of providers and packages out there isn’t always a straightforward process. Providers like Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile make it difficult to know exactly what you're paying for, often obscuring hidden costs so you can’t make heads or tails of your bill.

Providers like Xfinity, Spectrum and Optimum simplify costs by letting you combine your Internet, TV and mobile services.

Another option? Simple Mobile. Simple Mobile has many great deals that customers can take advantage of, thus saving money without getting wrapped up in any long-term obligations.

What Is Simple Mobile?

Mobile contracts can be complicated, which makes it hard to get the best service at the most affordable price. Simple Mobile was created to simplify the relationship between customers and their carriers.

Simple Mobile is a subsidiary of Tracphone Wireless, Inc., which is owned by Verizon Communications. With that being said, Simple Mobile is dedicated to offering great deals over a fast, nationwide network so you can stay connected no matter where you are.

What Network Does Simple Mobile Use?

Simple Mobile operates as a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), meaning it doesn’t have its own communications infrastructure. Instead, it offers bandwidth purchased from other major carriers, such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon.

What Are Some Deals Going on Now at Simple Mobile?

The best part of Simple Mobile is its ongoing deals. Simple Mobile offers reduced prices and discounts for many of the latest smartphones and accessories, including Samsung Galaxy and Apple iPhone models.

Simple Mobile Plans start at just $25 for 3GB of high-speed data before dropping to 2G speeds.

Does Simple Mobile have unlimited data? Yes! Simple Mobile’s Truly Unlimited Plans cost $50 per month and come with 5GB of mobile hotspot data, which makes it easier to watch the available 480p video streaming on any device. Customers also get access to up to 50GB of cloud storage and unlimited international calls.

The Pros and Cons of Using Simple Mobile

Simple Mobile takes a different approach from many providers by opting for a basic, per-line pricing structure through which users bring their own phones in for activation with a new SIM Card.

Simple Mobile cell phone plans are flexible and designed to fit your needs, but users might want to take some time to consider the pros and cons of using Simple Mobile before diving in head first.

Pro: No Contract Terms

One of the best aspects of Simple Mobile is its no-contract phone plans. Customers get access to deals through Simple Mobile’s prepaid 30-day plans, and they can use the auto re-up features to automatically renew their service or cancel anytime without any penalties.

Customer plans are discounted when using the auto payments feature which can be set up with a bank account or credit card.

Pro: Great Deals

With a Simple Mobile plan, you’ll have unlimited talk and text, as well as unlimited data, 4G LTE nationwide coverage, and international calling to up to 69 destinations, including Canada and Mexico.

Plus, their plans have a variety of add-ons you can use to customize your plan. Increased high-speed data and international calling credits will make it easy for you to stay connected on a budget, no matter where you are.

Pro: More Connectivity

With Simple Mobile, having a mobile hotspot gives you access to Wi-Fi connectivity on all of your devices, even when you’re on-the-go. On top of that, Simple Mobile gives you better connectivity by piggybacking on the best service for your area, maximizing the amount of network coverage you get for your money.

Con: International Coverage

While it does offer coverage to many countries, Simple Mobile's international roaming rates can be hard to pin down because they differ from country to country. For anyone outside of Latin America, this might not be such a great deal.

Con: Limited Service Plans

Because they’re designed to be simple and are named as such, Simple Mobile service plans don’t include any family bundles. Instead, they offer a basic per-line pricing structure, which can make it harder for families looking to get the best deals.

Con: Unclear Data Availability

According to Simple Mobile, there are limitations to the data included in a plan. Issues such as abnormal usage could result in throttling and reductions in service coverage, meaning the actual availability of data at any given time may differ, making it difficult for some users to manage their data usage.

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Don’t waste time comparing mobile plans for yourself, let SmartMove help you find the right plan!

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