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Mint Mobile Review: Pros and Cons to Know Before You Sign Up

Is Mint Mobile right for you? Find out as we break down the details.

There are quite a few mobile carriers for consumers to choose between these days. And many, like Spectrum, Optimum and GCI, now offer bundling options with your other services.

While you’re likely familiar with AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile, many smaller competitors offer more flexible contract terms and refreshingly unique pricing structures.

One such carrier, Mint Mobile, has been growing in popularity because of its great coverage and affordable pricing.

The Pros and Cons of Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile offers many benefits to its customers. With multiple data plans at affordable prices, there’s a lot to like about Mint’s business model.

By looking at important factors such as cost, coverage, contracts, customer service, and other features, users will have a better idea of whether Mint Mobile is right for them.

Cost — Is Mint Mobile Really That Cheap?

Mint Mobile plans offer some of the best prices on the market. A cell phone plan starts at $15 prepaid for the first three months of service for new customers. A 12-month plan contract is required for the same price afterward.

Yes, Mint’s contracts can be that cheap if users are willing to prepay for the three-month plan.


Does Mint Mobile use AT&T towers? Mint mobile works on the GSM network, which is utilized by both AT&T and T-Mobile rather than Verizon. As a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), Mint is compatible with the same phones and devices as both services.

Because it operates under the nationwide T-Mobile network, Mint uses their towers and will have similar nationwide coverage available for their high-speed data plans. This setup means Mint Mobile coverage is competitive with other options.


Mint’s unlimited plan offers unlimited talk and text with 35GB of 5G/4G LTE unlimited data. For users with two or more lines, Mint also has a family plan that makes it easy to manage a maximum of up to five users.

Customer Service

The Mint team also provides support channels for users with both call and text options. They provide quick links for many important details, FAQs, and self-service options.

For general information, questions, or tracking order information, Mint provides everything users need.

Other Important Information

Along with its service options, Mint offers a variety of other benefits. Mint users have access to WiFi calling and text, data add-ons, and the ability to create a mobile hotspot.

Mint users can also make free calls to Mexico and Canada. The company offers lower rates for international calls to over a hundred nations worldwide, too. With Mint’s international roaming features, users can stay connected while traveling abroad.

Is Mint Mobile a Good Service Plan?

Using Mint Mobile is a great deal for most users. With Mint’s phone service you’ll have lower prices and flexible contract terms.

Because it’s an MVNO, Mint can suffer from deprioritization, which means users will see their service slow down if the network becomes too congested.

This limit doesn’t stop Mint Mobile from being a good service plan, though. In fact, in case you were wondering, “Does Ryan Reynolds use Mint Mobile?” Ryan Reynolds actually liked his Mint Mobile service so much that he bought an ownership stake in the company!

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