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How to Get an iPhone 11 with Boost Mobile

Get an overview of the iPhone 11, current pricing, and the best way to get a good deal with new or existing Boost Mobile service.

Mobile phones can be expensive, especially if you want all the bells and whistles of the most recent release. Switching to a new carrier or changing plans is a great time to get a fresh device.

Snagging a new iPhone can be a great experience, but the latest devices can put a hole in your budget. Even the models that are a few releases back can still be a bit pricey. Of all those available, the iPhone 11 has become a massively popular option due to its affordability and performance.

What Features Does the iPhone 11 Have?

The iPhone 11 is fully supported by both GSM and CDMA carriers, making it easy to swap out SIM cards as needed. It has a great battery life, allowing you to get the most out of your charges and not having to do so as often. The iPhone 11’s ultrawide lens also makes it possible to capture a greater field of vision, resulting in the best photos. Additionally, users can choose between many colors, including red, white, space gray, green, yellow, and purple.

With a liquid retina HD screen, the device boasts excellent color accuracy and makes achieving the perfect brightness level effortless. It’s both dust-resistant and water-resistant, improving its lifespan and providing you with peace of mind when accidents happen. Common features such as Bluetooth, NFC (near field communication that allows for contactless payment and other data transfer options), and Face ID are also included.

How Much is the iPhone 11 Right Now?

For those looking for an Apple iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 11 Pro, or iPhone 13 Pro Max, there are many providers that can offer you an appealing bargain. Each of these “older” models, like the iPhone 11, provides great features while allowing you to be more budget conscious.

A new Apple iPhone 11 is currently priced at around $500 with most retailers. For those who want an iPhone 11 at a reduced price, Boost Mobile is a perfect option to save some cash.

How Much Does the iPhone 11 Boost Mobile Deal Save You?

Boost Mobile customers can currently purchase an iPhone 11 for only $349.99. New iPhones come with a limited warranty, and users can get the best offers either online or in-store.

No-contract prepaid plans with Boost Mobile start at $10 for unlimited talk and text and 1GB of data for new customers. Unlimited data plans cost $50 for 12GB of mobile hotspot data and $60 for 30GB. Boost Mobile’s Expanded Network gives users access to 4G LTE across its nationwide network.

Get the Best Boost Mobile Deals with SmartMove

Choosing the right mobile carrier can be tricky. Each service offers its own options and devices, making it a challenge to find the one that best fits your needs and budget.

Companies like Spectrum, Optimum, Xfinity and GCI offer a wide variety of cell phones and plans that you can bundle with your other services. Whether you’re looking for an iOS or an Android operating system, you can get the mobile phone that’s right for you with SmartMove.

We’ll get you the best deals on the Apple iPhone SE, iPhone XS, or iPhone XS Max. We can also help you choose between other popular models, such as the Samsung Galaxy and Moto G. Whether you need mobile data or home WiFi, SmartMove will keep you connected with your digital life. Find the perfect mobile phone to complement your lifestyle and budget. Contact SmartMove today!

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