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Guide to the Best Cheap Mobile Plans that Still Offer Great Coverage and Service

An overview of common mobile service providers and a breakdown of pricing options.

Having a mobile plan allows you to stay in contact with others no matter where you are. With the addition of data storage and 5G mobile, cell phones are a powerful tool to simplify your everyday life.

Whether it’s staying connected, consuming content, or managing your contacts, your mobile carrier choice will greatly impact your digital experience. This makes it important to find the right provider. Consumers can take advantage of many cheap mobile plans to find the service that fits their needs.

What Are Some Affordable Phone Plans?

Major carriers offer simplified plans with streamlined data management. Others provide more flexibility that depends on how much data is consumed. It’s important to consider existing mobile offers to find the best cheap cell phone plans.


T-Mobile offers competitive plans and features that include unlimited talk, text, and data across their 5G network. The T-Mobile network offers customers high-speed data on a single line for as low as $45 per month. With dedicated customer care and advanced spam blocking, T-Mobile customers have access to the latest in mobile support. Magenta Max family plans have many additional benefits, including access to Netflix and international calling in over 215 countries.


AT&T has unlimited data and family plans with 5G coverage at no extra cost. The Unlimited Starter plan is only $35 per month when you purchase four lines; however, it’s important to note that coverage may be temporarily slowed if the network is too busy. For $50, customers can access unlimited high-speed data that won’t slow down.


The Verizon network gives users access to prepaid unlimited data plans. With the addition of unlimited texting and calling capabilities, customers can pay upfront for nationwide unlimited 5G. Potential customers have access to loyalty discounts after the fourth month of service that can reduce their bills to as low as $25 per month.


Although it has recently merged with T-Mobile, Sprint still provides its own unique pricing models that users can take advantage of for flexible pricing and service options. The Sprint Essentials package costs $60 for those who use autopay and allows users to create a 3G mobile hotspot. For $85 per month users can create a 4G LTE hotspot and have access to 4K ultra-HD video streaming.

Mint Mobile

Mint Mobile has a lot of visibility because of its famous owner, Ryan Reynolds. It offers a wide array of plans for customers to choose from. Mint Mobile is a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO), so sim card activation will connect users to a larger provider’s cellular network. Mint’s cheapest three-month plan, at $45, offers unlimited talk and text, but data is capped at 4 Gb. Customers can pay $90 for three months of service to access unlimited data from 5G to 4G LTE after 35 Gb.

Cricket Wireless

A Cricket Wireless plan is a great way to save money. Starting at just $25 per month per line, Cricket offers users unlimited talk, text, and picture messages with data slowed during high-volume periods. For $33 per month per line, Cricket provides continuous access to premium data, where costs don’t depend on how much data is used.

Boost Mobile

Boost Mobile is well-known for its no-contract options that begin at just $10 per month for 1 Gb of data and unlimited talk and text for new customers. Unlimited plans cost $50 for a plan with access to a 12 Gb mobile hotspot and $60 for up to 30 Gb. 5G coverage requires a 5G compatible device.

Consumer Cellular

Consumer Cellular provides nationwide talk, text, and data coverage with discounts of up to 5% for AARP members. Single line plans begin at just $20 per month for one Gig of data, while an unlimited plan costs $55 per month. Customers who add up to three lines can get service for $55 per month for the 1 Gb plan and $90 for unlimited.

Straight Talk

Straight Talk Wireless has a variety of no-contract phone plans that you can choose to save money on your monthly mobile service fees. Unlimited nationwide plans are as low as $45 per month or $42.50 per month for three months when auto-refill is activated. Unlimited international customers can get prices as low as $59 per month with auto-refill.

Who Is the Cheapest Cell Phone Provider?

Is AT&T cheaper than T-Mobile? That depends on the mobile plan you purchase. Postpaid plans are generally determined by data use for non-unlimited subscribers. Monthly bills can vary depending on how many lines are purchased and whether you’re a new customer or not.

Taking into account the value of a new phone can also be important. Some plans offer devices with their deals, such as Apple’s iPhone, Samsung’s Galaxy, or other Android devices. Other features, such as the availability of WiFi calling and hotspot data limitations, should also be considered. This includes access to free calls in Canada and Mexico and international calling rates.

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