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Best Apps for Wi-Fi Calling: Know their pros and cons

Discover the best applications to make calls and video calls over Wi-Fi. Stay connected without spending money on traditional telephony.

Calls by conventional telephony are becoming less and less, especially because of the implicit expense that this represents. By having an app that has VoIP technology you can make free calls, yes, totally free over Wi-Fi or a data connection.

Basically, a Wi-Fi calling app refers to the application used on cell phones or tablets that allows us to make Internet-based phone calls plus a phone number provided by the app. The arrival of applications such as WhatsApp practically ended SMS and the same thing happened with traditional calls, but it is not only WhatsApp, but there is also an existence of several applications that allow us to make free calls.


Millions of people use it, it is free and supports voice and video. It has a version called Messenger Kids for which is very useful and allows you to manage children's contact lists and monitor their activity.

The good:

  • It's free.
  • You can make video and voice calls.

The bad:

  • You won't be able to make calls to landline numbers
  • You won't be able to call contacts that are not on Facebook

Google Duo

With this app you can make voice and video calls over the Internet, it has a function for you to paint on the screen while you are on the call. It has end-to-end encryption which makes it very secure.

The good:

  • Voice and video calls between iOS and Android phones.

The bad:

  • No instant messaging
  • Group calls are limited


Undoubtedly one of the best thanks to its versatility and security, as it has a default end-to-end encryption that makes calls and messages protected against hackers.

The good:

  • Great security
  • No need to log in

The bad:

  • You need a phone number

If you need to call a landline number, there are also some very convenient options. With these apps you can call landlines and cell phones from the internet. They are free, but in some cases have features that may require payment or a monthly subscription.

Google Voice

Ideal for making calls over the Internet to phones. You can make free calls within the country. If you are going to make international calls, you must add up to $70 of credit using a bank account or credit card from your Google account.


With this app you will be able to make free video calls to other Viber users, group chats, messages, etc. It is not completely free to call traditional phones, but you can buy credit to pay for the minutes of the calls you make or subscribe to a monthly plan.


Skype to Skype calls are free, but unlike Google Voice, you will have to pay to call domestic landlines and cell phones. Those calls require Skype Credit to pay per minute or you can pay $3.59 per month for a subscription.

Another great way to make calls is to use your carrier's Wi-Fi calling. Companies like AT&T and Verizon have integration on smartphones and use your existing number. How they work is that they convert your cellular calls into data that is transmitted over Wi-Fi. These calls switch to the cellular network when your phone disconnects from Wi-Fi.

We recommend downloading the free calling apps and trying them out, there is sure to be one that suits your needs.

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