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Understanding 5G

SmartMove provides a complete guide to the pros and cons of 5G Internet and helps you choose the right provider.

As technology advances, the 5th generation of wireless technology, or 5G, is making waves. This new standard for cellular communication is designed to offer faster data speeds and improved network reliability. But what does that mean for Home Internet? Here’s a look at some of the pros and cons of 5G technology.

What is 5G?

5G is the fifth generation of Internet networks. The 5G standard uses cell towers to support Internet speeds that are quicker than the previous 4G/LTE standard. Carriers employ 5G in two different ways: 5G Mobile and 5G Home Internet. 5G Mobile delivers a remarkable boost in mobile Internet speeds. It offers a significantly better on-the-go experience for downloading or streaming huge files. However, Fixed Wireless Internet (FWA) — often known as 5G Home Internet — doesn’t quite offer the same experience. Since it employs a gadget that transforms the mobile signal into Wi-Fi, it competes to share the same mobile network as these phones which can lead to an unreliable connection.

Pros of 5G

  • A nice upgrade for those in rural areas who might only have access to DSL or some forms of satellite Internet service.
  • A powerful alternative for staying connected on mobile devices.

Cons of 5G

  • Cost: As the technology is still in its early stages, companies will need to invest heavily in new hardware and infrastructure to support the new standard. This could mean higher data packages for consumers, as well as increased costs for businesses.
  • Security Risks: Several security risks are associated with 5G networks, including malicious actors trying to access your data or disrupt your service.
  • Not Recommended for Home Internet: While 5G is the future of connectivity and high-speed Internet, it’s not a fit for all situations. In its current state, 5G is best primarily for mobile users. For home Internet users, especially those who are gaming, streaming in HD, and other activities that require top-notch, high-speed connectivity, it’s not uncommon to see less than desired performance and thus is not currently suggested, especially for metro areas.

Find a 5G Provider with SmartMove

As 5G becomes more widespread, misinformation about what it can and can’t support is spreading. Before choosing a 5G provider for your mobile devices or an Internet Service Provider for your home, make sure you do your research and find one that best fits your needs. At SmartMove, we offer industry-leading information from the top providers across the country to ensure you are always connected. Find Internet providers in your area today!

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