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How Much Does Xfinity Internet Cost? It Depends on Where You Live and What You Want

Find out more about Xfinity’s large range of Internet plans at varying price points based on upload speeds, download speeds, data allowances, and location.

Are you moving soon and considering Xfinity home WiFi in your new location? With a reliable Internet connection essential to daily life—from completing school assignments to working from home to streaming your favorite shows and music—it’s important to know what will fit both your budget and your needs.

Xfinity Internet is one of the biggest Internet service providers in the United States. They provide great deals, exceptional customer service, a variety of Internet packages, and some of the fastest Internet connections available.

To help you decide what’s best, SmartMove has the rundown on the types of Xfinity services and Internet packages available to you. Plus, learn more about how the region you’re moving to might play a role in the kind of Internet connections and prices you can access.

Which Regions Are Served by Xfinity Internet?

Xfinity Internet is available in many regions across the U.S. Coverage is divided into three distinct regions:

  • Northeast (New York and the greater New England area)
  • Central (southern and midwestern states)
  • West(every state between and including California and Nebraska)

If you live in a big city or are moving to a city in any of these regions, you likely won’t have any trouble signing up Xfinity. Unfortunately, people in more rural areas may not have access to Xfinity Internet services.

To determine whether your specific region is served by Xfinity Internet, enter your address here.

What Kinds of Internet Offers are Available from Xfinity?

Several Xfinity Internet plans include customization options for speed, pricing, and even the bundling of TV and phone services.

Xfinity offers both fiber Internet and cable Internet options for varying download and upload speeds. And for the data-heavy household, they offer unlimited data plans to keep up with any family’s needs.. Depending on your Xfinity plan, Internet speed starts at 50 Mbps download speeds and 5 Mbps upload speeds. This option costs just $19.99 per month for the first year in most locations where Xfinity is available. The fastest Internet speed options available from Xfinity come with their Gigabit Pro Internet. It includes download and upload speeds up to 3,000 Mbps (3 Gbps) and costs $299.95 per month with a two-year agreement.

Other options abound, depending on your needs. If a basic, lower speed plan isn’t enough, but the Gigabit Pro is too much, you can get 300 Mbps download speeds along with automatic payments and paperless billing for just $49.99 per month for the first 12 months.

If you already have your own modem or router from a previous Internet plan, you can continue to use it when you sign up for an Xfinity plan. However, at no additional cost, you can get the Xfinity xFi router along with xFi Gateway. This offers advanced security options, wall-to-wall WiFi coverage with no dead zones, and unlimited data to do more of the online activities you love.

Find the Best and Least Expensive Internet Service Near You with SmartMove

The best high-speed Internet at the best price available to you will vary from region to region and will be largely determined by what your household needs. With SmartMove, you can find out which Internet service providers are offering the best coverage in your area and how you can take advantage of new customer deals and top-of-the-line bundling options. Contact SmartMove today to learn more.

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