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Considering Baldwin LightStream Internet? What Wisconsonites Need to Know

An overview of Baldwin LightStream Internet for residential and business customers, as well as information on other services the company offers.

Whether it’s for education, work, or entertainment, most users want access to fast Internet at a price they can afford. For those living in Wisconsin who want to get the most out of their network, Baldwin LightStream Internet may be a good option.

What Is Baldwin LightStream Internet?

Baldwin LightStream is a high-speed fiber optics Internet provider leading the way in the digital transformation of communications.

The company is dedicated to providing all of its clients with fast Internet speeds possible alongside reliability and an ever-increasing number of additional options. Baldwin Lightspeed offers solutions for both residential and business clients, each with its own benefits.

Residential Customers

Baldwin LightStream’s residential service is dedicated to bringing advanced technologies into the home.

The company’s service plans start at $49.96 for those who choose paperless billing and autopay. Plan prices range up to $99.95 for the most expensive package, which includes a router.

Baldwin LightStream offers discounts to military personnel, first responders, seniors, and others.

Business Solutions

Businesses receive custom solutions tailored to their unique needs. Baldwin LightStream provides service to clients of all sizes while offering a single point of sales, service, and support.

The company’s business customers can choose to use their existing equipment or lease a router, modem, and any additional equipment from the company for the best Wi-Fi experience.

What Is Baldwin LightStream’s Coverage Area?

Baldwin LightStream provides high-speed Internet service to residents and businesses throughout Wisconsin. Based in Baldwin, the company is dedicated to improving Internet connectivity throughout the region.

Clients in Baldwin LightStream’s service area include:

  • Woodville
  • North Hudson
  • The Village of Roberts
  • River Falls
  • Hammond
  • The Village of Knapp

With NimBL Networks, Baldwin LightStream has been able to improve the security of streaming while expanding its reach to additional customers.

What Other Services Does Baldwin LightStream Provide?

Baldwin LightStream offers services in addition to its Internet packages. The company also provides phone service, live TV and video streaming, and advanced personal security.

From 24/7 response services to real-time home security footage capabilities, Baldwin LightStream customers receive a full range of protections when it comes to security services.

Businesses can also use Baldwin LightStream service for their voice communication needs. Service options for businesses include superior calling capabilities that make communication faster and easier than ever before.

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