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Where to Stream Your Favorite Holiday Movies

Trying to find your favorite festive movie? Skip the hassle of searching all your streaming apps for where to watch holiday movies with this helpful guide.

‘Tis the season for streaming the best holiday movies! With so many streaming options today, choice overload makes it hard to find where to watch the best holiday movies. Luckily SmartMove has the perfect solution. With one central place to find top-rated holiday movies, you can keep the cheer going all year long with our free holiday movie discovery tool.

Features of the SmartMove Holiday Movie Guide

With our holiday movie guide, you can easily filter by holiday, genre, and rating to find exactly what you're looking for. We’ve even ensured you have everything you need to watch your favorite films without leaving your couch by connecting you directly to each streamer. Now all that's left is to get out the popcorn and enjoy!

  • Filter by Holiday: This feature allows users to browse all holiday movies, from Thanksgiving to Christmas and beyond.There are even Father’s Day and Mother’s Day lists!
  • Filter by Genre: Our genre filter makes it easy to find the perfect holiday film depending on what you’re in the mood for. Whether you're looking for a comedy, romance, or something else entirely, SmartMove has you covered.
  • Movie Rating: Find holiday movies with the perfect age rating, so you won't have to worry about surprises when watching with the whole family.
  • Run Time: Get an idea of each film's length so you can plan your viewing session accordingly.
  • Where to Watch: Stream your favorite holiday movies on your favorite network or streaming service. SmartMove makes it easy to find out where you can access them.

Get in the Holiday Spirit with SmartMove

Next time you're trying to find something special to watch during the holiday season, whether it’s Christmas or Valentine’s Day, look no further than SmartMove. With an extensive selection of titles and helpful filtering tools, we've got everything you need for a perfect streaming experience. We can even help determine if your Internet connection is strong enough to enjoy your favorite movies without interruption and get you connected if it’s not. Let us help you keep the holiday cheer going all year long!

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