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Top 5 Streaming TV Packages

Learn about the best streaming TV package offers you’ll want to take advantage of to see all your favorite content.

Digital transformations have fundamentally changed how people live, work, learn, and play.

Today there are a variety of alternatives that give you a comprehensive viewing experience, whether you have streaming services, cable TV, or both.

Is It Cheaper to Stream or Get Cable?

While cable has traditionally been one of the most common ways for people to consume TV, streaming has quickly become a popular alternative.

Many streaming services offer packages that can save you quite a bit of money compared to a monthly cable package. You should carefully consider their options when deciding which works best for your household.

What Is the Cheapest Way to Stream TV?

Streaming offers a more flexible option for consumers who want access to their entertainment anywhere, anytime.

The cheapest way to stream TV is by using the device you already have. If you don’t yet have one, finding the streaming device that’s right for you is a matter of what’s available.

Streaming devices can include:

  • Roku
  • Chromecast
  • Amazon Fire Stick
  • Mobile devices
  • Smart TVs

Subscribers should carefully consider which option fits their needs to get the best deal.

Which Streaming Packages Have Live TV?

The best live TV streaming services will give you instant access to all of your favorite TV shows. You can watch local channels including ABC, NBC and CBS. Sports fans will have all they need with live sports and on-demand content. Sports channels, including NFL Network, NHL TV, NBA TV, ESPN and FOX, are often included.

Premium channel lineups for streaming services include AMC, Showtime, Starz, BET, Discovery, CNN, HGTV and Paramount. Add-ons like Disney Plus, Netflix, Hulu + live TV, and HBO Max are also available. You can stream them from your favorite Internet providers or with services like FuboTV, YouTube TV, and DirecTV Stream.

Which Providers Offer Streaming?

There are many TV streaming services available to consumers.

Each offers its own unique packages that users should compare to see what works best for them.

1. Xfinity

Xfinity TV and streaming services put all of your entertainment at your fingertips so you can watch it whenever you want.

Xfinity X1 offers live TV, DVR, sports and streaming services, while Xfinity Flex gives you a 4K experience for all of your favorite streaming apps and is free for all Xfinity Internet customers.

2. Spectrum

Spectrum provides a TV app for users who want to stream their content while on the go.

Downloading the Spectrum app to your device will give you immediate access to all of your content. The cheapest TV plan at the time of writing includes live and on-demand content in addition to DVR for easy viewing at any time.

3. Cox

Cox provides residential and business customers with Internet speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Cox provides multiple offerings to entice users. They have live and on-demand TV in addition to all of the most popular streaming apps. The service comes with many different bundles that are priced depending on location and available options.

4. Fidelity

In addition to its Internet service, Fidelity offers customers FidelityTV, a simplified live TV streaming platform that can be accessed from a single app.

You can watch movies, TV and live shows with a Fidelity account and compatible device. Users can watch their entertainment from anywhere using Fidelity’s most basic TV service.

5. GCI

GCI customers can get TV anywhere from a mobile phone or tablet.

Those with a TV subscription and an Internet connection have access to all of the latest in entertainment. Prices depend on the user’s area.

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