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Everything There Is to Know About Vidgo

Want to know if the Vidgo streaming service is the next big thing or just another on-demand streaming service?

You have undoubtedly heard of top streaming services like Roku, YouTube TV, FuboTV, Amazon Fire TV, and the like. However, you may not have heard of a relatively new streaming service called Vidgo TV. We can hardly blame you, as it seems as if new TV streaming options pop up weekly.

Even if you have heard of Vidgo TV, you certainly have questions. Like most consumers, these questions probably include things like, “Is Vidgo a good streaming service?” and “How much does Vidgo cost per month?” 

Fortunately for you, SmartMove has answers. In this Vidgo review, we discuss everything from the platform’s channel lineup to its cost and even which streaming devices you can use it with. If you want to know if Vidgo is the next big on-the-go streaming service or just another on-demand option, this guide’s for you.

What Is Vidgo Streaming Service?

Vidgo is a live TV streaming service that caters to audiences in search of both English and Spanish programming. The streaming service resembles traditional cable TV options, but it lacks the hidden fees and restrictive contracts that cable TV often has. They have several different flexible subscription plans that allow you to tailor your viewing experience to your interests.

While access to time-sensitive live TV events is one of Vidgo’s major selling points, the subscription service also offers on-demand content so you can watch shows on your schedule. The Vidgo lineup boasts something for everyone and does a pretty good job of delivering on this promise.

How Does Vidgo Streaming TV Work?

Vidgo works in conjunction with streaming devices like Roku, Android TV, Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV. The service has IoS- and Android-compatible apps so you can stream your content while on the go.

When signing up for Vidgo, you will get to choose between one of three different subscription options. Some of the highlights of Vidgo’s channel lineup include:

  • CBS
  • NBC
  • Discovery
  • Disney
  • Cartoon Network
  • Local channels
  • ESPN2
  • Big Ten Network 
  • Fox News
  • ESPN U

The cloud DVR is what really sets Vidgo apart from some other TV streaming options like Apple TV, YouTube TV, and the like.

Is Vidgo Streaming Quality Content?

Yes, Vidgo is streaming quality content from top national TV channels as well as local providers. The content available via Vidgo is particularly appealing to college sports fans. NFL sports fans will also appreciate Vidgo, as they can watch many nationally televised NFL games.

The major downside to Vidgo is that NHL, MLB, and NBA games are not available on any of their channels. Fans of these sports will need to look elsewhere for their sports fix.

How Much Is Vidgo Streaming?

Vidgo’s no-nonsense pricing is what makes it especially appealing to those who want to cut the cord but still enjoy live TV. The basic Spanish “MAS” plan is right around $30 per month. The “Plus” English plan is $59.95 and offers over 110 channels. The premium option is $79.95 and includes over 150 channels and free DVR (no bulky device needed).

For most users, the “Plus” package delivers the most value. However, Vidgo offers 90 days of free DVR with up to 20 hours of storage with this plan. This short-term offering will certainly entice users to upgrade to the “Premium” plan, especially if their favorite TV show airs at a time when they are occupied.

Vidgo vs. Top Live TV Streaming Services

Vidgo stacks up pretty well against other live TV streaming services. The video quality is exceptional, provided you have a stable Internet connection. What sets Vidgo apart is the cloud DVR service, which is a very unique offering.

Vidgo allows users to have up to three simultaneous streams. This is on par with other providers, who typically allow for between two and four simultaneous streams.

Find Out If Vidgo Is the Best Option in Your Area

Vidgo is a great live TV streaming option. However, that does not necessarily make it the right fit for your viewing habits. That is why we suggest comparing it to other cable TV and on-demand streaming solutions in your area.

While you could do this the old-fashioned way by checking out each provider’s site manually, the faster approach is to use SmartMove to compare and contrast the different choices available to you.

Want to find the best streaming deals without compromising entertainment quality? If so, instantly compare providers in your area with SmartMove. Simply enter your address and start browsing entertainment options.

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