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All Your Questions About Netflix's Streaming Quality Answered

Get answers to common questions about Netflix streaming quality, why it might be poor, and steps for how it can be improved from the app and the website.

For subscribers of streaming services, watching the latest TV shows can be super convenient. The ability to watch content from any device, whether at home or on the go, makes it easy to get entertainment no matter where you are.

Services such as Amazon Prime, Disney+, and Netflix can be great when they work, but when issues come up, it can be hard to know how to resolve them. When videos are stuck buffering, it ruins the entire streaming experience. Netflix streaming quality depends on a variety of factors, and users should be ready to troubleshoot when needed.

What Is Netflix Streaming Quality?

Streaming quality has a direct impact on your experience when watching Netflix. Whether you're viewing in standard definition, high definition, or ultra HD, a high-quality stream will give you the best picture alongside an uninterrupted viewing experience. This means Netflix streaming quality is key, and finding the culprit when things aren’t working should be your first priority.

Video streaming directly impacts the rates at which video playback occurs. The quality of Netflix streaming on your device may come down to whether it’s capable of putting out what you're attempting to watch. But what is Netflix capable of in the first place?

Does Netflix Stream 1080p?

Netflix video quality has 4K, HD, and SD options. Devices like Rokus, Amazon Fire Sticks, and smart TVs have various options for users to choose from for streaming from their Netflix app.

For the best streaming quality Netflix requires a 4K-capable streaming device.

Why Is Netflix Streaming in Low Quality?

Netflix HD streaming requires the proper settings to deliver the best experience.

Low-quality streams may be due to an outdated device, poor network performance, or, more commonly, the wrong streaming quality settings.

How Do I Change the Streaming Quality on Netflix?

Netflix has options for adjusting video quality depending on your needs.

Changing quality from within the Netflix app is simple. Go to your profile and select “Playback Settings.” Maximum data can be set with the “High” setting, but it’s better to use “Automatic” to adjust streaming quality depending on the device’s capabilities. To keep the desired preferences selected, simply check the box and click “Save.”

How to See What Resolution Netflix Is Streaming In

Netflix streaming resolution can differ between accounts. If you’re wondering, “What quality does Netflix stream in,” it’s important to note that there are different options available to you.

When checking Netflix streaming resolution on your device, you may have to go to the website instead of the app.

For further troubleshooting, open a web browser and navigate to your Netflix account. Once you're there, select “Account and Help” and then “Manage Video Quality.” Select between “Good” for low-quality, “Better” for standard definition, and “Best” for high-quality HD streams starting at 720p and up to 4K resolution.

What Other Factors Might Affect Netflix Streaming Quality?

If changing the settings doesn’t help, there may be other factors impacting the quality of your viewing experience.

Cost of service, overall Internet speed, and data usage are just a few of the reasons your service might be slowed down or experiencing interruptions.


Not all Netflix plans are the same. A Netflix 4K streaming plan is more expensive than those that offer HD or Full HD.

Netflix 4K streaming costs $19.99 per month for premium 4K service, while the cheapest Basic option comes with ads and standard HD streaming for only $6.99 a month.

Internet Speed

Continuous streaming requires a reliable Internet connection. Issues with your router, outdated equipment, and poor service can all take you offline.

This makes it important to have an Internet service provider you can trust and that keeps the network functioning at an optimal level.

Data Usage

For those watching Netflix from a mobile device, it’s important to consider data usage. Using the mobile app from an Android or Apple device leads to cellular data usage (when not connected to a Wi-Fi network). Even with unlimited data, providers can implement data caps that track data usage and slow down bandwidth, making streaming more difficult.

Having a transparent service plan will make it easier to track usage and avoid overages.

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