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The Robot Vacuum Buying Guide

An overview of the most popular robot vacuums available and discussion of what to consider when buying one, including budget, pets, and available space.

Keeping your home clean takes a great deal of time and effort. Dirt, food, pet hair, and other forms of debris can become embedded in carpets and even hard flooring, leading to the buildup of germs and allergens. 

Traditional vacuuming offers advantages over other options by creating less dust and reducing wear on floors. But, it can also be time consuming and prevent you from getting more important things done. Buying a robot vacuum cleaner can save you time and energy while offering greater efficiency and modern tools for staying connected wherever you are.

Robot vacuum cleaners are lightweight, compact, and easily maintained. The right robot vacuum can provide a great deal of value to your home, offering a convenient alternative to traditional vacuuming by keeping your floors clean on your schedule with less hassle and more flexibility.

Benefits of Robot Vacuums 

One of the greatest benefits of robot vacuums is hands-free operation. The use of a programmable interface provides ease-of-use and options for smart home integration. Because of this, WiFi connectivity, voice control, and battery life are all important to consider. 

A high-quality robot vacuum comes with many advantages, including smart AI-driven programmable interfaces and modern motion-control and tracking capabilities. More budget-friendly models offer simple designs and powerful autonomous cleaning capabilities.

By considering the range of available options, you can find a device that works best for your  home. To help, SmartMove compiled our top picks for the best robot vacuums, while considering budget, pets, and available space.


iRobot’s Roomba is likely the first option that comes to mind when thinking of a robot vacuum. They provide high-quality devices designed in various form-factors to fit your needs. iRobot’s Roomba vacuum cleaner is capable of seamlessly transitioning between all types of flooring, including hardwood, linoleum, and carpet. It’s even smart enough to avoid pet waste and other obstacles.

The new Roomba j7 is a mid-range offering for around $555 at Walmart. It comes with a front-facing camera and an extra storage slot, making it perfect if you have a lot of space to clean. For those with less space, the Roomba 675 is available as a more budget-friendly option under $300. iRobot also offers the Braava Jet m6, a robot mop made to clean grease and grime with its precision spray technology. It currently comes in at just under $200. 


Roborock has engineered intelligent robot vacuums capable of cleaning even the dirtiest floors. If you have  a lot of space to clean, Roborock offers devices capable of navigating and mapping out your home in real-time.

The higher-end Roborock s7 can be purchased for around $649.99 from Amazon, giving you the power of its sonic technology to ensure dirt left behind by other robots won’t be missed. The Roborock s6 Maxv provides a popular midrange option at around $460, which is also a little lighter and uses fewer resources, improving its battery life and reducing charging time. For those on a budget, the Roborock E4 for carpets is a general purpose device that’s ideal for pets and currently offered for under $300.


ILIFE robotic vacuum cleaners provide a great option for those who don’t need all the features of more expensive devices. This allows them to build hardware that matches the competition’s performance, making them perfect if you don’t have a lot of space to clean or are working on a budget.

Unlike many other robotic vacuum cleaners, ILIFE’s devices are not WiFi connected, meaning there’s no way to directly control them, and they don’t offer Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant. They’re primarily intended for cleaning dirt from dry floors, but they do this very well. The ILIFE has a sleek, compact design and is simple to use. At under $200, these vacuum cleaners are perfect if you’re looking for a low-cost solution. They partner with many well-known suppliers to give you the best price.

Ecovacs Deebot

Ecovacs provides a full lineup for its Deebot devices. These modern and innovative robot vacuums are capable of cleaning even the worst messes while maintaining low cost and a competitive performance. Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaners are great for those looking to save some money.

Starting with the Ozmo U2, at just $250, these robot vacuums are capable of both sweeping and mopping all types of floors. The U2 Pro, for only $100 more than the base model, is specifically designed for pets. Their newest model, the N8 Pro+, includes a self-emptying station, higher suction power, and LiDAR navigation capabilities. The Deebot lineup provides high-performance for all your home cleaning needs.


The Eufy Robovac G30 is capable of cleaning even the tightest space. Known for its Triple-Filter system, Robovac’s robotic vacuum cleans more of your home in a single charge. This device is highly rated for its ability to find and clean hidden messes while giving owners a variety of options for monitoring, customization, and control.

The Robovac G30 includes a collision sensor and is one of the lowest-costing robotic vacuum cleaners that also offers WiFi connectivity. The Eufy-Home app provides a convenient way for you to stay connected to your device while on the go. For only $129.99 at Walmart, it’s the easy choice for those looking to save some cash.

Let SmartMove Help Connect You to Your New Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

If you’ve decided to purchase a new robotic vacuum, you will probably need a strong WiFi connection to program and monitor your device on the go. Whether you’re switching service or moving to a new location, SmartMove will make sure you have the resources needed to keep your home clean. 

SmartMove’s innovative service prevents disruptions to your digital life by finding the best deals wherever you are. We work with our partners to deliver Internet, television, and smarthome capabilities so you can stay connected to your home devices.

Let SmartMove help you stay connected to your robot vacuum and all your other important devices.

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