Is AT&T TV Now Right for You?

One of the most recognizable names in the streaming services market, AT&T TV Now – the former DirecTV Now – currently* has ~780,000 subscribers, a sharp decline of 48% from their first quarter subscriber count of 2019. This decline is likely due in part to the “steady stream” of new services coming onto the market in an already-competitive space, with their higher-than-average prices surely being a contributor to subscribers making a switch, as well. 
Where AT&T TV Now excels is their variety of available package options, and the quality and quantity of live and on-demand programming included within each. Of all the streaming providers we’ve researched, we would place AT&T TV Now in the top 3 list of options that are “closest to cable.” If you enjoy the wide availability of local channels, premium channels, and sports channels that you’ve come to enjoy from a cable subscription, but are looking to cut the cord with as little disruption as possible to your current viewing preferences, this is a provider worth considering. 
That said, all those channels come at a price, so if shaving some pennies off your entertainment budget is a primary factor, we would recommend considering more wallet-friendly options.

*As of 10/1/2020

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What do you get with AT&T TV Now?

AT&T TV Now offers an extensive lineup of channels through your choice of eight different packages. Their popular PLUS plan features 45+ channels, including ABC, CNN, Comedy Central, MTV, Telemundo, and more. Their MAX plan will get you 60+ channels, including those providing more sports coverage, as well as HBO Max and Cinemax. Additional package options, and their respective channel counts, are included below:
  • PLUS – 45+ channels
  • MAX – 60+ channels
  • ENTERTAINMENT – 65+ channels
  • CHOICE – 85+ channels
  • XTRA – 105+ channels
  • ULTIMATE – 125+ channels
  • PREMIER – 140+ channels
  • OPTIMO MÁS – 90+ channels

How much does AT&T TV Now cost?

AT&T TV Now offers more packages than most streaming providers, with associated monthly costs ranging from mid-tier to high-tier pricing. Simply put, if affordability is your top concern, this is likely not the best fit for you. Current plans start at $55/month, increasing to $183/month for the most robust plan. 
In addition to an extensive selection of plans, AT&T TV Now also offers an array of add-ons, which they refer to as Extras. These present a more affordable option for subscribers largely happy with an entry level plan, but for whom certain “musts” might be missing. AT&T TV Now Extras channels include:
  • HBO Max
  • Cinemax
  • Showtime
  • Starz
  • Epix
  • Movies Extra Pack
  • Spanish sports networks
  • Spanish news, telenovelas, and sports networks
  • Additional International TV options

How does AT&T TV Now compare?

See how AT&T TV Now compares to the top streaming services with SmartMove's Streaming Service Comparison Table here!

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AT&T Now Frequently Asked Questions
Does AT&T TV Now have a contract?

No; AT&T TV Now allows you to subscribe on a month-to-month basis, with the freedom to cancel at any time.

How long is the AT&T TV Now free trial?

AT&T TV Now offers 7-day free trials, with your choice of opting for a PLUS or MAX plan trial. 

How can I watch AT&T TV Now?

You can stream AT&T TV Now on a number of Internet-enabled devices, including LG Smart TVs, Apple TV, Fire TV, and iOS and Android devices. AT&T TV Now is not currently supported for Roku devices.

How to cancel AT&T TV Now?

AT&T TV now offers a few easy methods for cancelling your subscription. If you prefer to cancel by phone, call 1-800-288-2020. You can cancel online at the following address if you wish to chat with an agent:, or at any time at the following address, which allows you to cancel on your own:

IS HBO Max free with AT&T Now?

AT&T Now does offer HBO Max free for one year when you sign up for their TV CHOICE package. You can learn more here.

Can you rewind AT&T Now TV?

Yes! AT&T Now TV provides a DVR function that allows you to record, rewind, and even fast forward your favorite shows.

Can you get AT&T Now on Roku?

Yes! You can add an AT&T Now TV channel to your Roku to double (or triple? quadruple?) up on all your streaming services!

How many TV's Can you have with AT&T Now?

AT&T Now TV allows you to stream on up to 20 devices! That means TVS, phones, and more.

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