How to Cut the Cord with Armstrong

Armstrong offers an extensive array of cableInternet, and phone solutions for residents and businesses across 6 states – Pennsylvania, Ohio, West Virginia, Maryland, New York, and Kentucky. In addition to their Armstrong Television packages, they also offer EXP, which Armstrong describes as bringing “live, recorded, and streaming TV together so it’s easy to find and watch the shows you’re looking for.” Armstrong EXP is ideal for entertainment-lovers who want a central hub through which to access their various services without having to bounce around or managing multiple remotes, and is a “whole-home solution blending Armstrong’s Zoom Wi-Fi and Television services.” 
Whether you are a current Armstrong subscriber, or are still on the fence between a more traditional cable offering or streaming service, we encourage you to make a list of which entertainment elements matter most to you, seeing which boxes each option ticks. To get your list started, below are some key highlights of Armstrong Television…

  • Extensive programming options
  • Clear HD resolution
  • On Demand entertainment
  • TV Everywhere (TVe)
  • Pay-Per-View events
  • Local channels

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Pros of Staying Plugged In with Armstrong

Reduced Need for Speed

We’ve all struggled with the effects of “putting all our eggs in one basket” at some point in our lives – the good, the bad, and the ugly. On the “good” side of things, it can simplify things, particularly if the basket we’ve put all those eggs in serves our needs perfectly! However, it can also spell trouble when the basket starts to fray or break from the weight of carrying all those eggs. When you rely on cable for your television and movie-watching needs, you decrease the weight of your Internet basket, which can result in cost-savings as a smaller plan will fit your needs. It can also be of benefit if your Internet is overburdened for reasons within or even outside your control, as you’ll still be able to watch TV and movies until problems are resolved.


Local Sports & News Programming

Simply put, there is more complexity to offering local programming than meets the eye, with many streaming services eliminating local channels from their lineup altogether to keep costs low. Those that do invest the time and money into fleshing out their local lineups typically command a price tag similar to that of cable, which negates the cost-cutting angle of cord-cutting if that was a driving force for you. 

Strong Connection

While your streaming services may experience some connectivity concerns due to high usage in your area during peak hours, or factors inside your home like equipment limitations, cable is largely stable outside of rare disturbances due to heavy storms and the like. Many of us can’t even remember the last time the cable “went out,” and don’t even give a second thought to the fact that our favorite programs will be there when we need them!

Armstrong Zoom Internet Packages

Armstrong offers an impressive lineup of Zoom Internet plans to suit households of all sizes, with Zoom Professional plans also available for businesses. Below we explore 3 options to consider when researching the best fit for your needs…

Zoom Express Internet

Download Speeds: 12 Mbps
Starting Monthly Cost: $34.99
Data Allowance: 200 GB
Email Accounts: 3
Armstrong’s budget-friendly Zoom Express offering is an ideal plan for single-person households with limited Internet demands. If you rarely stream television shows or movies, don’t engage in online gaming, and simply want a basic plan so you can stay connected with friends and family via email and social media, this is a plan to consider. If your needs are beyond the most basic, we recommend opting for a larger plan. 

Zoom II Internet

Download Speeds: 300 Mbps
Starting Monthly Cost: $69.95
Data Allowance: 2 TB
Email Accounts: 10
Armstrong’s Zoom II plan is what we would consider one of their most universally appealing plans, with download speeds suitable for 3+ person households with average to slightly above average Internet demands. While bandwidth usage varies by activity and device, 300 Mbps speeds offer ample room for your family to engage in simultaneous, popular high-bandwidth activities without issue, such as one person watching a movie in 4K resolution, another attending a video meeting, and another enjoying an online game.

Zoom IV Internet

Download Speeds: 500 Mbps
Starting Monthly Cost: $149.95
Data Allowance: 2 TB
Email Accounts: 15
Armstrong’s most robust high-speed Internet offering, Zoom IV is ideal for 3+ person households with heavy bandwidth needs. If you’ll be regularly streaming television and movies, downloading large files, engaging in online gaming, and/or attending video calls and meetings, your need for speed can add up quickly. Investing in a plan with high download speed capabilities can help ensure you never suffer from laggy video at a critical point in a meeting, or have to deal with buffering when you finally wind down with a good movie.

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