Guide to Cutting the Cord

Here's What You Should Know

By definition, Cord Cutting simply means forgoing or canceling a traditional television subscription to select individual internet-based streaming services in an effort to save money.  Consumers can cut the cord from any of the traditional TV services including cable companies, Telcos, or satellite television services. It’s a trend that continues to rise over time as consumers are fed up with one size fit all options from Cable Providers and new streaming service options become available.  

While cord cutting offers consumers freedom of choice, there is no singular way to “Cord the Cord”.  Instead, consumers need to learn about the options at hand – from selecting the correct equipment and internet package to choosing the right streaming service to get the channels you need.   The end goal is cord cutting is to save money and the only way to achieve that is to understand the full landscape.  Below, the experts at SmartMove will run through all the factors that you need to consider as you begin the journey of discovering if cutting the cord is right for you!

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How to Cut the Cord

Sorting through all the available cord cutting advice on the web is a difficult undertaking.  What has worked for one person may not be the appropriate collection of services for everyone.  That’s why SmartMove has gathered information about all the more essential aspects of cord cutting to help you make the best decision possible. What do you need to cut the cord? Start with gathering the correct hardware, find the right internet package for your streaming needs, and compare available streaming services to fulfill your watching needs!

Why is Cord Cutting Hard?

While cord cutting has the potential to save money on monthly bills, there are a few challenges that make it more difficult than the traditional Cable Bundle.  Some of the more noteworthy challenges include:

Channel Surfing
The traditional sense of channel surfing and instantaneous switching is not the same with streaming services.  While they do include a guide to view live channels, the switch between channels may buffer or be slower than cable.  This isn’t a deal-breaker, but be prepared for your TV viewing habits to shift with cord cutting.  

Live Sports and Local News
There are two large issues with watching sports on streaming services.  First, live sports are show on a significant delay, so you’ll need to beware of spoilers. Secondly, sports availability drastically differs across services. Meaning you’ll need to subscribe to a number of services to have complete sports coverage.  On the same note, ensuring you get your favorite local news is a challenge for all streaming services.  You'll need to review the channel lists for each streaming service provider to see what is available in your area.

Streaming Gaps
As with live sports, it’s a challenge to completely replicate a traditional TV package with streaming options. Unless you purchase a number of different streaming services, you’ll end up with some gaps in channels, meaning you’ll miss out on some of your favorite entertainment. 

Increasing Prices
Saving money is one of the main drivers for cord cutting, but with prices for individual services continuing to increase, the equation may not add up anymore. 

More Bills
With a traditional cable bundle, you have a singular bill to pay and track.  If you choose to cut the cord, prepare to have a number of bills to monitor each month. Cord cutting is a more difficult undertaking for the disorganized or forgetful. 

Will cutting the cord save me money?

There are arguments for both sides. Some believe that to truly replicate what a traditional cable package offers, you’ll end up paying more per month.  While others believe that when done right, cord cutting can easily save money each month.  It’s truly up to each individual to do the research and crunch the numbers to see if cutting the cord is right for you.

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How to Cut the Cord Frequently Asked Questions
What is the best option for cutting the cord?

There is no one size fit all option for cord cutting that stands out as the “best”.  Instead, SmartMove recommends exploring all the options for internet, streaming services, and equipment to find the option that gives you the entertainment you need within your budget.

Do I need internet if I cut the cord?

Yes, internet service is an essential component of cutting the cord.  SmartMove recommends a speed of at least 25Mbps for clear streaming, however this speed depends on the number of devices in your household.

What equipment do I need to cut the cord?

To successfully cut the cord, you’ll need an internet connection, a Smart TV or Media Device, and a subscription to one of the many streaming service options. 

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