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How to Search for Schools After Moving to a New District

If you recently moved or have one scheduled in the next couple of months, you’re not alone. The months of June, July and August is the most popular time to move for more reasons than one. If so, the school year is around the corner and you may be searching for schools in a new district. Learn where and how to look for the ideal school for your little ones.

If you recently moved or have one scheduled in the next couple of months, you’re not alone. The months of June, July and August is the most popular time to move for more reasons than one. However, one major reason is that a summer move avoids having to find a school amidst the already hectic process of moving. It also gives your kids a month or two to adjust to their new home environment before starting school.

However, the warm summer months are flying by and September will be here before you know it. If you haven’t started the school search in your new district, here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Research School Statistics Online

It is important to note that while this should be your starting point when finding a new school, it must be followed by the rest of our tips to be truly effective. The online research of school performance, stats and accomplishments is a good way to narrow down a few quality options before launching into the rest of your search. is a valuable resource that compiles data and parent reviews, and can be a useful peice of the puzzle when finding the right school fit. 

2. Take a Tour During School Hours

You may be wondering how touring a school during the summer is possible, but most schools have some type of summer program in session and will be open to giving you a tour of the facilities. When visiting potential future schools for your little ones, ask questions about their disciplinary policies, extracurricular activities, level of parental involvement and how their teaching standards compare to other institutions in the area. 

Additionally, don’t be shy about asking to observe how the teachers interact with the students and structure their lessons. While there’s not necessarily a right or wrong way, the learning style should be a good fit for your kids.

3.  Know Your Options

Schools come in all shapes and sizes and it’s important to know the difference. From charter schools to private institutions to Montessori’s, each school type has a unique learning style. The true deciding factor should be the learning style that empowers your little ones to flourish. If your kids are visual learners who prefer to learn by doing, a Montessori-style school may be a good option. If they thrive in an environment that is culturally rich and diverse, a charter school could be an ideal fit.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a school that is more specialized, some institutions focus on math and sciences while others promote the arts.

4. Get Neighborly Advice on Schools in Your District

Who better to ask about the best schools in town than the residents who have lived in the area for years? If you’re wondering who these valuable information holders are, look no further than next door.

Utilizing your neighbors for local school recommendations and first-hand knowledge about schools their own kids attend is a smart research strategy. It’s also a great way to meet your neighbors!

Finding the right school fit for your kids is a vital part of getting them settled in their new environment. Moving can be a confusing time for your little ones and a school they feel comfortable and happy in can make all the difference!

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