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Communicating About Your Move

Good communication is important if you want a smooth move. Keep on top of things with these helpful hints.

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  • Kids Come First - Moving can be traumatic, especially for kids, so don’t forget to communicate with your own immediate family. Speak with them as much as possible – don’t keep them in the dark as they’ll know what is going on and only resent the lack of communication.   Be sure to:
    • Tell them as soon as possible so they have time to adjust
    • Don’t make promises you may not keep – such as  plans to return every year to see old friends
    • Help your children visualize their new surroundings – share pictures, discuss how they might decorate their new rooms, etc.
For more great info on moving with kids, check out our special section.

Friends, Relatives & Co-Workers

  • Create In Person List - Create a list of close friends/relatives you need to notify and let them know by phone or in person prior to sending the information to the general public.  Consider notifying the neighbors immediately surrounding your home as a courtesy.
  • Update Contacts - Now is a great time to update your contacts list:
    • All those people in your email inbox who aren’t in your contacts list? Add them.
    • Contacts from 20 years ago you barely remember? – Delete them.
  • Change of Address Announcement - Create a digital and/or printed change of address announcement to send to friends and family.  If you are moving close to a holiday, consider combining the announcement/holiday wishes.
  • Distribute - Optimally, distribute shortly before you move, or at the latest, right after the move

Vendors & Businesses

  • Movers –  Ensure you communicate clearly everything you expect from your movers – in writing.
    • Insist on a written contract -- that way if something goes wrong, you can point to the contract terms/details.
    • Clearly communicate any changes in writing including the move date or terms and get a confirmation of receipt of these changes in writing as well.
  • Create Vendor List - Compile list of vendors and others who need to know about your move – utilities, credit card companies, landscapers, magazine subscriptions, insurance companies, financial institutions, doctors’ offices, and make note about how (phone/email/mail) and when you intend to notify them.
USPS Change of Address – Notify the USPS of your address change.  You can do it here:
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