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Guest Blog Post: Top 10 Favorite Things to Do with Kids in Boston

Guest blog post by Kristin Quinn, author of Misadventures in Mommyhood and contributor to Mommy Poppins

Guest blog post by Kristin Quinn, author of Misadventures in Mommyhood and contributor to Mommy Poppins

I love the town of Boston for so many reasons… Chowder. The Green Monster. “Hahvard” Yard.   Boston has a long list of things it is famous for and that includes some great places to enjoy with your kids.  Below I take a deep dive into my top ten favorite places to take kids (including tips) in and around Boston, some of which you might not find in a Google search!

10.  The New England Aquarium, Downtown Boston/Waterfront. 

Head up to the top floor and stare down at interesting sea life including the famous 550-pounder Myrtle the Turtle up close and personal.  Don’t miss the shark and ray touch tank on the first floor to the left as you walk in. (My daughter is braver than I am in there!)


9. The Children’s Museum, Fort Point. 

This place provides endless amounts of fun on multiple levels.  (Plan to spend the day.)  My favorite sections include the preschool room on the second floor (complete with a water bed for infants!) and the construction room on the third floor.  I always try to skip the bubble room on the first floor because even with smocks your child will end up starting the museum soaking wet!


8.  The Franklin Park Zoo, Dorchester. 

This is an impressive zoo for being in the heart of a city (Dorchester, not far from Boston.)  The giant playground is one of the best I have ever seen and warrants a membership just for that.  Rent or bring a wagon for tired legs.

7. Castle Island, South Boston. 

The number of things to do with kids here are endless.  In fact, read all about them in my Mommy Poppin’s article here.


6.  Lincoln Tavern & Restaurant, South Boston.

Keep kids entertained with “Make Your Own Pizza” ingredients.  A bucket of Lincoln Logs (remember those?), are also supplied. 


5.  The Boston Common Grounds, Back Bay. 

Run around the gorgeous grounds, wade in Frog Pond, take a Swan Boat ride, and pose for a picture with the famous duckling statues.  


4. The Rose Kennedy Greenway, Downtown Boston. 

In the summertime this beautiful park is home to water play fountains, food trucks, vendors selling their wares, and the new Merry Go Round.  Hop across the street to the playground in the North End then finish off with lunch outside at the super kid-friendly Joe’s On The Waterfront.  You might even run into a random Mariachi band (no joke)!


3.  Sky Zone, Hyde Park 

On Thursdays this massive trampoline park offers Toddler Time.  Get the camera out!

2.  The Museum of Science, Cambridge.

See a 4D- 15 minute movie (the perfect amount of time for preschoolers), send letters (no really, actual alphabet letters) in an air-generated capsule, become one with a frog, fly with the butterflies, or go to Mars.  The opportunities for fun are endless at this magical museum.  


1.     Visit the Boston Harbor Islands. 

The ferry boat ride over is just the start of the fun.  Fly a kite on Spectacle Island. See a children’s play on George’s Island, even camp overnight on Grape, Bumpkin or Lovells!  This is quintessential Boston entertainment. 

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