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Top-Secret Ways That Savvy Movers Score Cheaper Plane Tickets

Part of the moving process is scoring affordable plane tickets to your new city. But if you’ve checked airline ticket prices lately, you know that booking a flight at this time of year can cost up to $400 for a one-way trip. Check out these expert tips on how the “lucky ones” score amazing deals on flights.

Part of the moving process is scoring amazing deals on flights but if you’ve checked airline ticket prices lately, you know that booking a flight at this time of year can cost up to $400 for a one-way trip. But then you hear about how your cousin or coworker scored a golden deal for almost half that price, sometimes at the last minute. Pure luck? Not quite. Check out these expert tips on how the “lucky ones” score amazing deals on flights.

They Use Apps And Price Alerts 

It’s no secret that most people use discount travel sites such as Kayak or Expedia to find deals on plane tickets, but what you may not know is that there’s tools and apps that bring the deals to you. Sites like Skyscanner and allows you to set up notifications that send you an email when the price for a specified trip drops. Similarly, mobile apps such as HITLIST takes it one step further and lets you select your desired destinations and sends a phone notification when a hot deal is available – it even provides flexible dates and fun events that are happening at your destination during that time. 

They Don’t Check The Same Site Multiple Times

While this may seem like an odd best practice to suggest, you're usually better off not checking the same deal over and over again. This practice may cause the website to offer you the same price you've already viewed rather than the updated, discounted price currently advertised. So if you feel the need to continue checking for price drops, do so from a different computer or set price alerts.

They Wait Until The Last Minute

We aren’t saying that you shouldn’t start looking early but sometimes, the best deals are scored at the 11th hour. Airlines will suddenly drop ticket prices if they feel that they won’t be able to fill a flight. Empty seats equal lost revenue so they’d rather give you a discount than let the seat go unfilled. Checking one to two weeks prior to your trip is a promising strategy to score a great last minute deal, especially by using tools such as Priceline’s last minute price bidding. However, take this tip with a grain of salt as, when demand is especially high, ticket prices may keep going up closer to your travel dates.

They Don’t Sit On A Good Deal

Have you ever found a great deal on a flight just to lose it because you held out to see if the price would go down even further? We suggest that if you find a great deal that works for your budget, just book it. Sitting on a good deal will most likely cause you to lose out on the price and paying much more than you anticipated spending.

If scoring a great plane ticket to complete the moving process is a goal of yours then these tips will help get you started . Remember that scoring awesome deals can somtimes be simply the luck of the draw but utilizing these strategies can greatly increase your odds. Pretty soon you’ll be the one that your friends and family get jealous of for scoring unbelievable flight deals!

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