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How To Pack and Move Your Favorite Books

Libby Langdon is back again with her expert moving tips for SmartMove! In this article, Libby offers a step-by-step breakdown of how to properly pack your favorite books for a big move. 

Even though we live in a world of fast-paced internet and on-demand audio books, we hold a special place in our hearts for our physical book collection. If you're an avid reader, you likely have a big load of your favorite reads to pack during a big move. Our favorite design expert, Libby Langdon is back with some useful and easy tips on how to pack your book collection without causing damage to your precious keepsakes. She even has some advice on what to do once you unpack!

When in Doubt, Donate!

While Libby isn't asking you to part ways with your favorite reads, she does advise movers to go through their old books and donate the ones that haven't been touched in years. If your home is filled with stacks of old text books, children's books and other reading materials you don't consider valuable enough to transport, the best option is to donate to a used book store or Goodwill.

Assemble Your Supplies

​​1. Small Heavy-Duty Book Boxes

2. Packing Tape

3. Packing Paper

Once you've assembled your supplies, collect and sort your books by size and type - seperate paper from hardback. Then, reinforce the bottom edges of your boxes with packing tape. Pack your hardcover books spine to spine vertically. This way, you'll be able to fit more books into the box than if you pack them spine up.

Now, fill in the empty spaces with packing paper, secure them with tape and label them. Labeling your boxes will save you lots of time and hassle after the move.

Unpacking Your Books in Your New Home

Books can double as stylish decor in a home. Think of them as a foundation for other home decor items to be stacked on. You can stack your large cocktail table books horizontally on every other shelf on a bookshelf or wall unit. Next, mix in decorative vases, boxes and momentos for effect. Finish the look off by adding framed family photos to the shelves of a wall unit for a look that is design pro worthy!

Cocktail tables are also ideal spots to store your books in an aesthetically pleasing way. You can place books on the shelf of a table and on top of each end. You can use a tray for some your books and combine it with a vase or candle for stylish effect.

Libby Langdon stresses the importance of combining design with functionality. Home decor doesn't have to exist outside of storage -- simply use everday items, like books, to create impactful aesthetic touches while staying organized. For more moving tips from design expert, Libby Langdon, visit

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