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Avoid the Scammers With These 8 Moving Tips

While a professional moving company can be extremely helpful when it comes to streamlining your move, the unfortunate truth is that there are a lot of scammers out there. Make sure you give your money to a reputable company by following these smart tips.

Check a Company's Credentials 

Only work with moving companies that have bonded employees. Bonding protects a company from employee theft. If an unscrupulous mover disappears with your belongings, both you and the company are left to deal with the aftermath. If the employee was bonded, the company can recoup their financial loss and pass the reparations along to you. You should also make sure your moving company is insured. Insurance will keep you protected if your property is damaged in an accident. 

Look for Strong References 

A reliable moving company will have no problem providing you with strong references. If you don't want to ask the movers for a reference, go straight to your friends and family. Put out the word on social media and you will probably receive dozens of responses alerting you to the best and worst moving companies in your area. 
A company's record with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) can act as a positive or negative reference as well. If you uncover a string of negative incidents on the BBB site, you should look elsewhere for a mover. 

Don't Book at the Last Minute

If you're looking for movers within a few days of your relocation, you may find that the only options available to you are disreputable companies. You should naturally be wary of a business that has ample openings on a weekend with minimal notice. The best movers are typically booked weeks or even months in advance. Begin planning your move as soon as you know about it, and reserve your services as early as possible to make sure you get an appointment with the best movers in your area. 

Look for a Name You Know 

Well-known companies are typically a safe bet for your move. These movers have a name to protect, and they'll go to great lengths to make sure you're satisfied with their service. Beware of companies that use a name similar to that of a popular chain or well-known local business. There's a good chance that they're hoping you'll mistake their knockoff for the real thing and sign up for inferior service. 

Go Over Your Quote Carefully 

Some moving companies will bulk up your bill at the last minute with hidden costs that weren't included in your quote. Unfortunate families have found themselves saddled with added expenses for flights of stairs, fuel, parking, and heavy boxes. 

When you get your quote, ask exactly what's included in it and what the company may add to the bill later. Make sure you understand whether any extra fees are added on after the move. Get this information in writing so you can fight back if your bill reflects something other than what you agreed upon. 

Compare Companies 

One of the most common mistakes people make with their move is booking the first company to give them a quote. Compare at least three different companies. While the cheapest company isn't necessarily the best option, it's a good idea to understand where your price falls in the overall market so you're making an informed decision. 

Know Where Your Movers Come From 

If you find a moving company online but can't find their physical address, this is a red flag that the company may not exist at all. Without a physical location, it's all too easy for a company to disappear with your money and even your belongings. Perform a quick Internet search on the company's address to see if it has been associated with other business names in the past. Dishonest companies will often change their name to try to disassociate themselves from bad reviews. 

Pay Upon Delivery of Your Belongings 

Don't pay your moving company upfront or while your items are still on their truck. Make sure your contract stipulates that you will pay the agreed amount after your belongings are safely unloaded. This will prevent the movers from holding your belongings hostage while demanding an inflated rate or disappearing with you goods altogether. 

With these tips in mind, you can search out a reliable moving company to help with your move. The right movers will make your relocation quick and easy with minimal sweat and struggle on your end so you can focus on other concerns and leave the heavy lifting to professionals. 

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