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3 Important Reminders When Transferring Your Cable

Moving is exciting but it can be hectic as well. Between cleaning, packing and a growing list of other must-do's, it's easy to forget the smaller yet important tasks such as transferring your cable. If you have a big move coming up, check out what not to forget when transferring your cable service.

Moving is an exciting time, but it also comes with a long moving to-do list. Between cleaning, packing and hiring movers, it's easy to forget the smaller, yet equally important tasks such as transferring your cable.

Unless you're okay with missing your favorite cable TV show, it's important to plan ahead when moving your cable. If you have a move looming in the horizon, check out these reminders for a hassle-free transfer of your cable service.

Reminder #1: Research Cable Providers & Schedule in Advance

If you’re looking to transfer your cable for an upcoming move, start researching deals about a month in advance. Once you find the right service, call about 10-14 days prior to your moving date, especially if you're in moving season (May - September). This will ensure that your cable service is up and running as soon as you settle in.

I don't know about you but there's something about catching up on your favorite shows that makes me feel at home.

Reminder #2: Allow Sufficient Time for Your Cable Installation Appointment 

While most installation appoinments are relatively easy and hassel-free, there's a chance that your cable representative might need extra time for tasks such as adjusting the positions of your TV's, rerouting cords connecting to your modem. etc.

When scheduling your appoinment, allow 2-3 hours for installation so that you're adequately cushioned for any unexpected tasks that may arise. Most cable installation appoinments require someone 18 years of age or older to be present during the appointment, so if you aren't able to stick around the entire time, not to worry! As long as an adult family member or friend is present, you're golden.

Reminder #3: Be Prepared for Your Appointment 

While this checklist can vary depending on your provider, being well-prepared for your appointment helps for a smoother cable service installation. Check out this cable installation preparation checklist from Xfinity/Comcast.

1. Ensure that all the TVs requiring service are inside the home at the time of your appointment. 

2. Make sure that all your cable outlets are accessible. If you're getting new outlets installed, have a general idea of where you would like them installed.

3. Ask your provider beforehand about which materials, if any, to have ready for your appointment (e.g., wireless cards, modems, routers). 

4. Make sure that your television sets and/or entertainment centers are at least three to five feet away from the wall.

Transferring your cable is a fairly simple moving task to check off your to-do list, but many of us allow it to slip through the cracks. Why risk missing an episode of your favorite show? Enjoy a timely and seamless transfer of your cable service with these easy pre-appointment reminders - because nothing is worse than having to ditch internet spoilers after a missed season finale because you forgot to transfer your cable after a move. 

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