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'Upcycle' Old Furniture with Paint by Libby Langdon

Create a new look for your new home by ‘upcycling’ some of the furniture you’ve been hiding in your basement.

Think about hand-me-down wall units, yard sale coffee tables -- I'm giving you permission to PAINT IT! Now, I'm not recommending you do this with family heirlooms, but for the furniture that's not super sentimental or valuable, I say go for it!

Unify and update the look of loads of mix-matched pieces of furniture and create a cohesive design by painting it all the same color. You don't have to spend lots of time sanding the wood before painting it -- now there's a gel solution called Liquid Sandpaper that you simply rub on the wood, let sit for 30 minutes, wipe off, and your surface is ready to paint. It works on kitchen cabinets, a bed frame, shelving units, tables, and most any case goods.

​Paint wood furniture but not upholstery: pull the trigger and paint an old end table, but don't spray paint your sofa.

When painting wood furniture use the same water based latex paint that you'd use for your walls. Apply the paint onto the surface with a roller and then spread the paint with a brush; this will speed up the process and give you more even coverage. You can achieve various design styles depending on the paint color you choose to use:
  • Contemporary/ Sleek look - use black paint in a high gloss or semi gloss finish
  • Shabby Chic/ Beachy look - use white paint in a satin or semi gloss finish
  • Cool Modern Hotel look - use dark black/brown paint in a high gloss finish
  • Classic Country look - use white paint in an eggshell finish and after painting gently rub wallpaper on some of the corners and edges to show the wood below for the classic country distressed effect
You'll be surprised the way you can transform your room by not only updating the color on your walls but the color on your furniture!
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