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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
What are Optimum Internet speeds?

Optimum has a variety of speeds available ranging from 400 Mbps to 20 Mbps, all options can be viewed here.

How can I get in contact with Optimum customer service?

By visiting this page, you can find all local support phone numbers or chat with a representative online.

Where is the nearest Optimum office located?

Check for your nearest Optimum store on this page.

Can I pay my Optimum bill online?

By logging in to your Optimum account here, you can pay your bill online.

Is Optimum the same as Cablevision?

Optimum was formerly a brand of Cablevision.

What is the difference between Altice and Optimum?

Altice bought Cablevision in 2015, making them Optimum's parent company.

What is Optimum TV to GO?

Optimum TV to GO allows you to stream your channels anywhere, any time. You can learn more here:

What is Optimum Altice One?

Altice One combines the latest video, internet and connectivity technologies into one platform. You can learn more at this page:

In what cities is Optimum cable service available?

Optimum cable service is available across New York City, Northern New Jersey, Long Island, and Hartford, CT.

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