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FAQs Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pay my Armstrong bill online?

Yes! To do so, sign in here.

How can I get in contact with Armstrong customer service?

You can contact Armstrong online here, in person, or by phone at 1-877-486-4666.

Where is Armstrong available?

Armstrong is available in certain cities in the following states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, Maryland, New York, West Virginia and Kentucky.

Where is Armstrong located?

To find your local Armstrong office, simply enter your address or ZIP code on this page.

How can I run the Armstrong Speed Test?

You can run the Armstrong speed test right here:

What is Armstrong Zoom Internet?

Zoom Internet is Armstrong's high-speed internet offering. It offers full home coverage, enhanced security features, free hotspots and an app. You can learn more here:

What is Armstrong MyWire?

Armstrong MyWire is Armstrong's homepage offering, consolidating news, weather, and email into one page.

In what cities is Armstrong cable service available?

Armstrong cable service is available many major cities throughout Pennsvylavnia, Ohio, and West Virginia including Pittsburg, PA, Philadelphia, PA, Cleveland, OH, Washington, DC, and Huntingon, WV.

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