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BendBroadband Company Overview and History

BendBroadband is a provider of Internet, TV, and phone services to central Oregon. They operate in both the residential and commercial sectors. BendBroadband is part of Telephone and Data Systems (TDS) which is a Fortune 1000® company. TDS Telecommunications, headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, has a subsidiary known as BendBroadband which operates solely in Central Oregon. They began offering TV services in 1955 and now offer TV, broadband Internet, and telephone services. 

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What services does BendBroadBand provide?

BendBroadBand offers deals on Internet, TV, and phone, as well as various bundles.

BendBroadband Frequently Asked Questions
Can I pay my BendBroadBand bill online?

Yes, you can! Simply log in to your account, go to your profile, and choose “Online Bill Pay”

How can I get in contact with BendBroadBand customer service?

You can call BendBroadBand at 541-803-8090 or 541-382-5551.

Where is BendBroadBand available?

BendBroadBand offers services in the Central Oregon area.

Where is BendBroadBand located?

BendBroadBand is located on Sherman Road in Bend, Oregon.

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